Don’t be Haunted, Be Proactive!

While we associate breast cancer with pink and ribbons, it is far from pretty. It's more like a Haunted House. Some of my friends and family members have been unexpectedly shoved all the way into the darkest Haunted House you can imagine. And even with support, the hallways and rooms are very lonely, grim and scary. It's a nightmare that's incredibly emotional and physically taxing on the body and mind. With having the knowledge that I was BRCA2+ carrying a risk of 60-80% chance of ovarian, … [Read More...]

Q&A: Ask the Doctor

Q: Hello. I'm having a mastectomy of left breast and was wondering if you know where I might find a mastectomy fitter here in North Carolina. If not, do you have a suggestion of where I can buy the right bra for me that fits my new body well with only one breast? Thank you. A: Hi and thanks for your inquiry we would be happy to help. After some research it seems as though there is a Nordstrom in Charlotte, North Carolina. We advise you get a prescription from one of your physicians … [Read More...]

Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day is October 16: Learn your rights.

When you’re diagnosed with breast cancer, you are given so much information to digest about your diagnosis and treatment it can, at times, be overwhelming. But it’s not over yet. What about the information you need to decide if you’re going to have breast reconstruction after a mastectomy or lumpectomy? Unfortunately, not every woman is given all of their options in order to make this very important decision. To help change this, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and The Plastic … [Read More...]

Q&A: Ask the Doctor

Q: I was wondering if I would be able to schedule a phone consult? I was recently diagnosed BRCA1 positive in April 2019. I have been working with a breast surgeon and plastic surgeon in the Midwest and I am interested in a double mastectomy with immediate DIEP reconstruction. After the initial consult with our local plastic surgeon, he thought this would be possible. In addition to that he wanted to do a mastopexy in preparation for nipple sparing mastectomy and DIEP. We did complete the … [Read More...]

Survivor EMPOWERED – Meet Local Breast Cancer Advocate Shana Brown

We've been thrilled to help Shana with goody bags for her October Celebration events for the past several years.    We've asked Shana to share her "In Her Words" story about how she was inspired to start and continue to host these successful fundraising events.  Be sure to mark your calendar for ZUMBATHON October 12, 2019! Shana's Story I am a daughter. I am a mother. I am a wife. I am a Christian, a pharmacist, cousin, niece, aunt, godmother and friend. I am 42 years old ....and I am also … [Read More...]

Previvors: Family History and Breast Cancer Risk

Abby recently found out that she has a family history of breast cancer -- she has a cousin and a grandmother who have both been diagnosed at different stages. Abby is 37 years old and doesn’t have breast cancer, but the idea that she might have a higher risk of getting the disease because of her family history concerns her. She has decisions that she has to make about her health and what she needs to do to reduce her risks. Abby is known as a Previvor. According to FORCE, Facing Our Risk of … [Read More...]

Q&A: Ask the Doctor

Ask the Doctor: Q&A Q: Three years ago, I had a double mastectomy and am now cancer-free. Unfortunately, my plastic surgeon did a terrible job with the reconstruction. The left side implant is way off to the outer side and looks larger than the right. The right side is way too far to the outside. There is zero cleavage. Is there any way to re-position the implants to the more natural position of the breast? I do not expect perfect but don’t like looking like a botched job. Please let me … [Read More...]

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