5 Spas of Charleston to Visit Now

Who doesn’t love a nice pampering spa day? We’ve tried several spas in Charleston, and here are our top picks along with a snippet from their websites so you can get a feel for each one and its people. 


Urban Nirvana Day Spa 

In every culture, and in every age, doors have done more than facilitate our physical coming and going. They have also served as powerful symbols of protection and as valuable touchstones for all who seek a deeper sense of themselves and their world.

Doors extend a greeting to all who open themselves up to hear it: Come in, they say, come into a new place, to a new awareness, to a new you.

Urban Nirvana’s team is committed to providing expert, professional spa and salon services. Every team member is trained to listen to the guest, first and foremost. From the first phone call or visit to the end of a reinvigorating session, Urban Nirvana’s team of massage therapists, skin care therapists and client services personnel are focused on exceptional service, quality products and responsive treatments.


Simply Your Spa  

As you enter the spa, take a deep breath and begin to relax. Let us pamper you as we take care of the most important thing in your life…simply… you.

Our professional staff will exceed your expectations in customer service, experiences provided and professional knowledge. Whether you visit us one time for a special occasion, or receive frequent services for health and wellness, we will treat you like you deserve to be treated. We encourage you to stay as long as you like and relax in our spa lounge, sip on herbal tea and just take time for…you.


Moedim Day Spa

At Moedim Day Spa, we believe there’s a natural state of wellness and energy that we were all born to have and maintain. However, the way we think, eat, and live in this civilization can often be in direct conflict with optimum mental, physical, and spiritual health. There is a way to return to yourself well and more powerful than ever before.

Moedim Day Spa was created to be an oasis from the pace and stressors of your busy life – a place for your mind, body and spirit to rest, be healed and rejuvenated. Your mind is calmed and your energy replenished through a combination of modern and ancient techniques. Through the power of touch, herbal remedies, and naturally designed products, we miraculously see client after client be transformed closer to their natural state and return to themselves healed and energized.


Stella Nova

We invite you to unlock your senses, body, and spirit with any of our indulgent spa services. We offer a variety of treatments, but whichever you choose, all of our services are designed to rejuvenate, refresh, and relax.

Explore our spa services in each category and mix and match services to provide your perfect spa getaway, or feel free to choose from our spa packages. Whether your service is 15 minutes or as long as you choose, any visit to a Stella Nova spa will send you for a walk in the clouds.


Seeking Indigo

Our intention is to create an ever-evolving creative environment where transformation takes place for each individual that enters Seeking Indigo… A doorway to infinite possibility.

We provide a comprehensive holistic platform to support mind, body and spirit evolution through the products, services, and workshops that we offer.

Our mission is to spark and aid one’s awakening! Welcome to our world of wonder – a true playground for the soul. May all your dreams come true! Enjoy!


Which Charleston spa is your favorite? Let us know!