Are Implant Problems Affecting Your Life?

implant problemsBelow is an In Her Words post from one of our patients who came to us with implant problems. Read her story below:

I am so thankful to Dr. Craigie and Dr. Kline and Christina for making me feel at ease. Meeting someone for the first time and having surgery the same week was a lot to take in, but thanks to everyone, including The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction staff, Christine, and Gillian. And a special, big thank you to Gail for helping me with my insurance and all the conversations we had prior to my office visit with Dr. Craigie. Gail, thank you for making me feel like a person not a number, you are wonderful!

I cannot say enough about the results from my surgery! It was absolutely fantastic to say the least! I am amazed how natural I look! I really am excited to have my follow-up. Can it get any better? I do not have the pain in my breasts or the hardness and pulling from the implant anymore. I can lift my arms straight up over my head now! I noticed that I don’t have the flu-like feeling anymore—it’s gone!

Before coming to Dr. Craigie’s office, I have had five painful surgeries with implants and expanders going wrong with infections, plus lengthy hospital stays and home care. This was over a period of four years—four years taken out of not only my life but also my family’s life. Just think of how much time and money was wasted on paying insurance companies when I could have had only one surgery and a follow-up! If I only knew there was an alternative option before having my first implants.

My goal is to get the word out. Women need to know that you do have an alternative, besides using implants. Utilizing the body’s own tissue! Again, I was never given this option.

I cannot thank you enough Dr. Craigie and Dr. Kline for your skilled surgical talents and dedication in this field that made me look and feel like a women again!

D.N South Amherst, Ohio

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  1. I had reconstruction with silicone implants in July 2008. Within 2 months I was sick. Bleeding ulcer, endocrine system crashed, gained 40 lbs but was only eating sugar free popsicles because of the ulcer. 2 months after that I was diagnosed with Celiac, Osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, fibromyalgia, and lupus. I could barely get out of bed for nearly a year. Spent a total of about 2 months in the hospital during 2009. I have been slowly getting my strength back since, but am left with these autoimmune disorders that I didn’t have prior to the reconstruction with silicone implants. I feel like I have the flu so often. My quality of life has severly declined, as I was healthier during chemo and radiation in 2005, and leading all the way up to my reconstruction in July 2008. The weight will not budge, yet I maintained my normal size 6 all through chemo, radiation and up to about a month after the reconstruction, when the pounds starting creeping on about 2-5 lbs per month. Coincidence? Don’t thing so. Can anything be done for me?