Ask the Doctor- Can I have implants removed and reconstruction done?

This week, James E. Craigie, MD, of The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction answers your question.

Question: I currently have breast implants that were done about 9 years ago following a double mastectomy. I want to have the implants removed and redone with my own tissue. I do not know if my insurance will cover this procedure and I need to have a bloodless surgery. My current plastic surgeon recommended that I get someone who specializes in this type of surgery since there aren’t any in our area that do it often enough for him to recommend.

My surgeon also suspected that one of the implants has ruptured and I didn’t know if I should go ahead and have my MRI done here or if I should wait to have it done as part of the surgery that you would perform. I just wanted to avoid duplicating necessary lab and xray work.

Answer:  Hi, thank you for your question. It is our mission to help women restore their bodies after mastectomy. We named our practice the Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction because we specialize in using your own natural tissue. We replace problem implants frequently with fatty tissue (DIEP, sGAP, fat grafting etc…). What do you mean by bloodless surgery? It is very rare for our patients to require blood replacement.

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