We’re about more than reconstructing breasts.
We’re about restoring lives.

At the Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction, we know that women’s bodies and emotional selves are inextricably linked. There isn’t a question we haven’t been asked, nor a concern we haven’t helped women and their loved ones manage. From financial questions to intimacy issues, we’re here to help.

The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction presents….

Ask the Doctors

~ Free Live Call ~

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

7 p.m. Eastern / 4 p.m. Pacific

Do you have questions?  We have answers.

With recent media buzz about Angelina Jolie’s preventative double mastectomy and breast reconstruction, our team has been flooded with questions from women asking about their options in reconstructive surgery, differences between various procedures, and more.

Because The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction wants to help you (and the women in your life) make smart, informed decisions about breast reconstruction and overall healthcare, our surgeons, Dr. James Craigie and Dr. Richard M. Kline, Jr. are holding a FREE call just for you!

This is your opportunity to get answers about breast reconstruction, procedures, post-surgery expectations, and your healthcare options.

We have received so many questions! We will address them on a LIVE CALL, with detailed and valuable advice from our surgeons, Dr. James Craigie and Dr. Richard M. Kline, Jr.


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We are here to help. Get the answers you need during our special Live Call happening August 6!

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