Best Sunsets in Charleston

Charleston sunset

With Charleston’s unique location, we are known for many things—the beaches, the history, and the delicious food.

But there’s one thing that comes with our amazing waterfront locations and superb restaurants: absolutely stunning sunsets.

But where are the best places to take in the view? There are just SO many options to choose from.

Don’t fret—below we’re sharing our top 5 picks for the best spots to watch Charleston sunsets.

Vendue Inn Rooftop Bar

This is the king of amazing sunset rooftop views, and we’re apparently not the only one to think so. The Charleston City Paper has awarded the Vendue Inn Rooftop Bar the “Best Rooftop Bar” since 2007. While enjoying lunch, dinner, or innovative cocktails, overlook the beautiful, sweeping view of the Charleston Harbor, Waterfront Park, and The Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge.

The Battery

The Battery Park boasts stunning views of southern mansions, cannons, cannon balls, oak trees, palmettos, statues, a gazebo, and incredible views of Fort Sumter, Castle Pinckney, and the Sullivan Island Lighthouse. Take a stroll, or bring a picnic and relax while taking in the sunset—the perfect way to unwind after a stressful day.

Sunrise Park

Sunrise Park, also known as Melton Peter Demetre Park, is located on James Island and offers spectacular views of Charleston Harbor and the Arthur Ravenel Bridge. Don’t let the name fool you—there aren’t just breathtaking sunrise views, but also incredible sunset watching as well.

Red’s Ice House

Red’s Ice House is a classic to catch a great sunset. With two locations at Shem Creek and in the Bohicket Marina, you’re offered 2 amazing views to enjoy a cocktail while watching the sunset. The laidback atmosphere and delicious food (the buffalo shrimp is a must) make this a definite top spot on our list.

Pavilion Bar

The Pavilion Bar is an absolute oasis. This location boasts a view of historic Charleston, a gorgeous cascading pool, a truly spectacular atmosphere, and, of course, a pristine sunset-watching location. The view is everything you hope for in Charleston, and we promise it will not disappoint!

Do you agree with our top sunset spots? Comment below.