Everyday Ways to Give Back

With all the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s hard to carve out the requisite time you’d need to lend a helping hand. Thankfully, living in a world of digital connectivity has its humanitarian perks!

Whether you’re online or at work, here are a few easy ways you can donate your time, cash, or skills to a good cause:

On the Web

Support the arts: Try Kickstarter.
Check out who’s looking to fund creative projects by logging in via Facebook. Then chip in for specific costs ($5 to help cover printing costs, supplies, etc.). When you see the finished product on the big screen or can hold the published anthology of short stories in your hand, you’ll feel like part of the artistic process.

Make your cause to go viral: Try HopeMob.
Register at HopeMob.org and start pushing your cause on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Then, enlist the help of your friends to give the cause a simple “up vote.”With enough votes (only about 200),your cause will hit HopeMob’s home page and stay up until you’re completely funded.

Nab some peace of mind:Try Ammado.com.
Thisfantastic humanitarian site allows you and your friends to donate to small overseas nonprofits securely. Every charity on the site is screened by an international vetting service, so you can donate without worry. Just sign up at the site or via Facebook, and search what you’re looking for by category (like arts, culture, or human rights) and country. It’s easy and rewarding!

At Work

Good with numbers?
Give others the benefit of your financial know-how by working with the United Way to teach struggling families to pay down debt and improve their credit. Simply dial 2-1-1, and sign up to learn how to lead small workshops or coach individuals on becoming financially secure.

Silver-tongued wordsmith?
Use your strong communication skills to manage—or create—a Facebook or Twitter account for a local animal shelter. The online interaction will help encourage people to adopt animals in need, donate to the cause, and support their community shelter.

What are your favorite ways to lend a helping hand?