Indoor Exercise for the Winter Months

We are very thankful to live in Charleston where the winter months are relatively mild. Despite a shorter winter season and lack of snow, there are still days we get cooped up inside due to wind, rain, and cold temperatures.

If you live in a cold weather environment, you know how unpleasant it is to be stuck indoors. Especially when you enjoy being active and on the go.

The good news is that it is possible to stay active, even when you’re stuck indoors. Keep reading to discover 5 indoor exercises to keep you moving this winter.

Indoor Exercise #1 – Climb Your Stairs

Who needs a StairMaster when you live in a two-story home that comes with a built-in staircase?

When you get tired of sitting around on the couch, make a few trips up and down the stairs.

Three to four reps of going up and down your staircase is enough to give you a small cardio workout. And going up and down the stairs is also great for your leg and glute muscles.

Safety tip: Always walk when you are going up and down the stairs. No running. And if possible, hold onto your stair railing to ensure you don’t trip and fall.

Indoor Exercise #2 – Play Wii

Playing Wii, or any other video game that involves being on your feet and moving, is a great way to get some exercise while having fun.

Invite some friends or family over and have a Wii bowling, tennis, or golf tournament. Or while you’re at it, all three!

Each of these activities exercises a different part of your upper body.

The best part…you’ll be having such a good time you’ll forget you’re even working out!

Tip: You can rent Wii exercise games at movie rental stores for cheap!

Indoor Exercise #3 – Use an Exercise Video

If Richard Simmons in a sparkly spandex workout suit isn’t enough to get you motivated, I don’t know what else is.

If you’re stuck indoors, pull out your old workout videos and give them a try.

What’s that you say? All of your videos are on old VHS tapes, and you can’t use them?

Not a problem.

Jump on your computer, visit YouTube, and do a search for your favorite workout routine or video. Online you can find thousands of different cardio, yoga, Pilates, or Zumba videos to try out for FREE.

Find what you enjoy and add it to your indoor exercise routine.

Tip: If you have an HDMI cable, you can plug your computer into your TV to view the workout video instead of having to use a VHS tape or DVD.

Indoor Exercise #4 – Clean Your House

Kill two birds with one stone by getting your workout in while cleaning your home.

Mopping/sweeping floors is good for your arms, bending down to pick up toys, laundry, and other assorted items is great for your leg muscles, and going up and down the stairs to fetch different cleaning products makes a great cardio workout.

Cleaning may not be the most fun workout activity, but you’ve got to do it eventually. What a great way to make the most out of doing your chores.

Tip: Make chores more fun by playing your favorite upbeat music in the background.

Indoor Exercise # 5 – Pantry Item Weightlifting

Sometimes you need to get creative while working out indoors during the winter.

If you enjoy weightlifting, head to your pantry. Bags of flour, sugar, or rice make great weights for weightlifting.

Pick your pantry item of choice and replicate your weightlifting routine in your living room.

Safety tip: Avoid using items like sauce in glass jars for this activity. You could easily injure yourself if you drop an item like that on your foot.

Do you have a favorite indoor exercise? Share it with us below!