Life after Mastectomy: Prosthetic Nipples

Being diagnosed with breast cancer and facing a cancer battle can be a long, draining, and scary experience.

While women who beat cancer find themselves overjoyed and grateful, there’s still a part of having breast cancer that tends to linger—especially if they’ve had to go through a mastectomy.

While we know women feel incredibly grateful that they’ve won their battle with cancer and feel they can begin life again, it’s also very common for them to long to feel like their old selves again.

At The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction, we want all women to feel confident, radiant, and beautiful after a mastectomy, which is why we were so excited to find out about a new non-surgical solution to breast reconstruction—prosthetic nipples.

We love the product so much, we even carry demos in our office for women to try.

So, how exactly did this product come to be and how does it work?

I’m going to let breast cancer survivor and inventor Randi Johnson tell you in her own words.

Here’s her story…

After the shock of my IDC breast cancer diagnosis in 2007, I was hoping for the least invasive corrective surgery. The lump was too large for a lumpectomy, so a unilateral mastectomy was the choice I made. I had a new full-time job and didn’t want to take 6 weeks off for breast reconstruction.

The mastectomy was not very painful and I had a good recovery, but reality hit as bandages came off and I saw “my new normal” in the mirror. I’m not an especially vain person, but it was hard to feel “pretty” for my husband, even though I knew he loved me beyond the disfigurement.

I found myself wearing my prosthetic mastectomy bra to bed at night.

We happened to hear about Dr. Khouri in Miami, FL  who was doing a less invasive type of breast reconstruction surgery. There were no incisions, it was outpatient, and had a lower risk of complications. I only had to miss 3 days of work for each step (4 fat grafting sessions, for me).

Adding to the appeal, was the fact that they would take fat from tummy, thighs and anywhere else I didn’t want it and make a new breast out of it.

What’s not to love about that!

I was amazed to find that Dr. Khouri was in network for my insurance plan. There were still travel expenses etc., but somehow it all worked out.

It felt like I was growing a new breast and hardly had time to think about not having a nipple on that side, but when Dr. Khouri made an impression of my natural nipple and made up a silicone “rough draft” of a nipple for my recon side (for purpose of photos), my husband asked if he could tinker with the idea.

Dr. Khouri was very impressed with the prototype we brought back to show him a few months later. He invited us to display our Naturally Impressive nipple prosthetics as a vendor at a couple of his fat grafting conferences.

We received a great reception as well as some helpful ideas from the international breast surgeon attending.

I was part of an “MD Rounds” event at one of those Fat Graft Conferences and it was exciting to have MDs ask in disbelief (right after they heard my history). “Did you have a mastectomy?” We have heard countless similar stories from our clients about their Naturally Impressive nipples “fooling” others because they look so natural.

Now it’s become my new body image. If I have it off for a day or two, the asymmetrical image in the mirror doesn’t feel like it’s me.

We’ve been serving women through Naturally Impressive, LLC, since January 2010. As a “Mom and Pop” shop, we keep operating costs low and we also get to know many of our clients quite well. It’s an incredible joy! We love it!

No matter what option women choose regarding nipples, Naturally Impressive can be a way to “feel normal” again. For some, this is a great short-term option while waiting for tissue to settle before making a permanent choice. For others, it’s a wonderful non-surgical long-term solution.

If you or someone you care about is longing to feel normal again in the nipple department, check out our website to see the realism, variety and affordability of choices we offer.

Click here to visit the Naturally Impressive website.

You can also call Naturally Impressive, LLC, at 715-829-4488 if you have any questions.

Do you have a favorite post-mastectomy product that makes you feel confident and beautiful?

Share it with us in the comments below!


  1. Actually, nipple prosthetics aren’t all that new, but as one of the plastic surgeons we’ve had contact with commented about Naturally Impressive nipples,
    “I think you have accomplished a great advance in breast reconstruction with your wonderful product. Up to now prosthetic reconstruction of NAC (nipple-areola complex) was so inferior that not too many women or doctors were willing to accept or recommend.” Dr. Alberto Rancati

    We find women want realism and women want nips that stay on!
    Looking fake and falling off unpredictably have been some of the biggest frustrations with prosthetic nipples.

    There are several companies that make quality custom nipple prosthetics now. Each is a little different in what they offer. I invite you to check them out.

    At Naturally Impressive, we offer a wide selection of colors from pale pink to deep black & a large variety of areola features from smooth to several patterns of bumpy Prices start at just $99 (includes Telesis, a medical grade silicone adhesive) and one free exchange if you wish to tweak color or model Once you determine the model and color you like, prices are just $65/pair.

    If economy is your primary concern or if you wish to only wear your prosthetic nipples for a couple days at a time, you may wish to order Pros-Aide adhesive. See our catalog page adhesive section for more details about this.

    These prices make Naturally Impressive nipples an easy option to try.
    We’d love to meet you and help you feel more confident and beautiful!
    Now I’ve said enough. Looking forward to hearing from others!

  2. Michelle says:

    After under going the year long process of a bilateral mastectomy, breast expansion and then the exchange surgery. I was extremely happy and blessed to be done with the whole process but I still had that feeling of not being myself. Even sometimes feeling like less of a woman. I looked in the mirror and I constantly see a reminder of everything that I have been through. So after doing some research online and deciding that the nipple tattoos weren’t for me at the moment. I tried several temporary tattoos that helped but lack that real feel then I found Naturally Impressive which gave me that real feeling. When I look in the mirror I couldn’t believe how real they looked.They made me feel attractive again. I am so grateful and happy that I found this product it really help boost my confidence and made me feel like me again.