Nature Walks in the Charleston Area

Charleston Area WalksThe beautiful Charleston area is home to a variety of natural settings and habitats. Explore the wonder of Charleston with two of our favorite nature walks and tours. And often the walking tours involve a boat ride too!

Morris Island Tours

If you enjoy hunting shells and exploring islands, this is the tour for you. Morris Island may look like a neglected shell of an island, but you’ll be fascinated by its rich history (including Blackbeard the Pirate and Civil War blockades).

You’ll be surprised by how few people wander around the island, so you’ll feel like you have it all to yourself. Expect to find sand dollars and conch shells, and if you’re lucky, you might find a piece of Morris Island history. Wildlife abounds, and you’ll feel as if you’ve gone back in time.

Bulls Island Ferry and Eco Tour

Join Captain William Christianson on board one of three ferries to Bulls Island. The Captain is a marine biologist, so during the half-hour trip to the island, you’ll discover the beauty of turtles, a variety of sea birds, and dolphins, among other species. You’ll gather round the touch table and hear about the artifacts, which typically include skulls and bones of the native animals.

When you arrive at Bulls Island, you’ll be greeted by miles of beach and trails, just waiting for you to explore. Take your time and enjoy the walk, or bike along the paths. Turkey Walk Trail is a particular favorite of guests. Don’t forget to check out the observatories throughout the island.

Have you been on either of these tours, and what did you enjoy most?