Should I Have a Preventive Mastectomy?

Should I Have a Preventive Mastectomy?The following question is answered by Dr.James Craigie of The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction.


I have no history of breast or ovarian cancer in my family, but my  mother and my sister do have a history of benign masses.  I’ve been told that I will need to frequently monitor any masses  I have or develop… likely for life. 

Every month, I can feel my breast tissue changing and becoming more fibrous (lumpy-bumpy), which makes me very uncomfortable.  I’ve watched a few friends with no cancer risk battle breast cancer recently, and I’m just not willing to allow myself to get to that point if possible. For peace of mind, and reduced cancer risk, I’d be much more comfortable undergoing a major surgery.  

Is this a logical solution given this circumstance, or am I overreacting?



I have had numerous patients in similar situations decide to have preventive mastectomies and immediate reconstruction. It is a very personal decision to make and I do not feel you are overreacting to at least consider the option. Risk reduction mastectomy is the most effective way one can actively reduce the risk of breast cancer.

James Craigie,MD
Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction


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