5 Tips for Getting Back into a School Routine

Over the summer, our schedules tend to slow down a bit. For those with kids, it’s nice to know that you don’t have to get up early and rush out the door, but after a few months of sleeping in and staying in pajamas until lunchtime, it’s easy for kids (and adults!) to get thrown off a normal routine.

Now that we’ve reached mid-August, it’s important to start making some changes to get yourself and your kids into a back-to-school routine so the whole family has an easier time adjusting to the school schedule.

Not sure where to start? No problem. We have a few tips we think will help you out. Check them out now!

Tip #1 – Set an Alarm Clock

One of the best ways to get yourself back on schedule is ensuring you wake up at a normal “get ready for school” time in the morning. Over the next few weeks, set both your and your kids’ alarm clocks a littler earlier so you can ease into a normal back-to-school wake up time.

As you begin to wake up earlier each day, you should naturally be tired and want to go to bed earlier each night.

After a few weeks of following this routine, it will be no problem for your kids to get up in the morning in time to catch the bus.

Tip: If you or your kids are having a hard time going to bed earlier at night, try reading a book, taking a hot bath, or doing a puzzle 30 minutes before bed. These types of activities are helpful for settling the body down so you can get a good night’s sleep.

Tip #2 – Brush Up on Your Skills

It’s easy for a child’s spelling, math, and reading skills to deteriorate over the summer months—especially if your children have done nothing but enjoy playtime, cartoons, and video games.

There’s nothing wrong with taking a brain break during the summer. But, before school begins, it’s a good idea to brush up on a few of the skills you learned during the previous school year.

You can find educational workbooks on just about any subject at any bookstore or online. Order a few age-appropriate workbooks and have your child do a page or two in the evening.

Tip #3 – Make a School Lunch List

There’s nothing worse than putting the effort into packing your kid’s lunch only to hear your child say, “Ew, I don’t like PB&J sandwiches anymore!” as you’re walking out the door.

To avoid this problem, it’s a good idea to sit down with your children and make a list of the foods your kids enjoy. Having their favorite lunchmeat, fruit, and snack on hand will easily take the drama out of packing lunches in the morning.

If you want to be super prepared, stock up on your kid’s favorite non-perishable lunchbox favorites, like juice boxes, pretzels, or raisins, before school even begins. This way, you don’t have to worry about forgetting important lunchbox items.

Tip: If you have younger kids, spend some time before school teaching your kid how to pack his/her own lunchbox. Once he/she becomes a pro packer, this will save you time in the morning.

Tip #4 – Plan School Outfits in Advance

If your kid is a fashionista, you know how time-consuming it can be for him/her to pick the perfect outfit in the morning.

To avoid this problem, have your kid lay out an outfit the night before school. Or, if you have small children, you can lay your kiddos’ outfits out ahead of time so you don’t have to rush and do it in the morning. This makes getting ready for school a breeze in the morning.

Tip: Watch the weather together the night before school. This will help your kid pick out an outfit that is appropriate for warm weather, cold weather, rain, or sun.

Tip #5 – Purchase Back-to-School Items Early

Most schools will send out a list of school supplies your kid needs to purchase for personal use in the classroom. To avoid the headaches of last-minute shopping, plan a day when you are still on summer vacation to get your shopping done.

Doing your shopping ahead of time will help reduce the stress of having to do last-minute shopping and will also help ensure your kid gets prime pick of all the supplies before it gets picked over by all the other kids. It may also even help get your kid excited to head back to school.

If you have a little extra in your back-to-school budget, consider donating some supplies to your kid’s classroom. Some teachers provide lists of items they need. If they don’t, dry erase markers, tissues, pencils, and markers are always useful.

Do you have any tips for easing back into a school routine? Share them in the comments below!


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Summer coming to a close means one thing: getting prepared to send the kiddos back to school.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an elementary school kid, an adult student, or a parent…getting back into the swing of things is an adjustment for everyone.

To help you make the transition from a summer schedule back into the classroom, we’d like to share with you some of our favorite tips for going back to school.

Shift Gears into Scholar Mode

During the summer, it’s great to lounge by the pool, sleep in, and catch up on your favorite TV shows.

But as the first day of school approaches, it’s important to shift gears into scholar mode. Try planning a family trip to a local museum, nature center, or science center.

Encourage your kids to take notes, study new things, and learn as much as they can.

Adjust Your Sleep Schedule

During summer break, the family’s sleep schedule often shifts.

Late nights and sleeping in can become your new routine.

While there’s nothing wrong with this schedule, it can become a problem when you suddenly have to wake up at 6 a.m. to get your kids ready for school.

Try heading to bed a little earlier every night as the start of school approaches. It’s also helpful to set an alarm to help you wake up earlier each morning.

Create a Calendar

The start of school often means the start of new activities, sports, and after-school clubs. Creating a family calendar is a great way to ensure that you can keep track of everyone’s schedule.

Better yet, it also allows you to block off some time to spend with family, as we know the school year can be busy and hectic.

Get Your School Supplies

Most schools send out school supply lists before the year even begins.

Stay ahead of the curve and make sure your kids have all the books, notebooks, folders, pens, pencils, and other assorted supplies they need to start the year.

Purchasing these items a few weeks in advance will allow you to enjoy the rest of the summer without having to rush around at the last minute.

Put Together Meal Plans

Planning meals ahead saves a lot of valuable time and energy.

If your kids bring packed lunches to school, sit down and make a list of the foods they would like to have.

Having this list ahead of time will allow you to quickly run to the store and grab the necessary sandwich supplies, fruit, snacks, and drinks to keep your kids fueled during the school day.

Having a meal plan is also a great idea for dinner time, especially when schedules get crazy.

Put together a list of quick meals, and stock up on food items that won’t spoil so you can easily prep and serve meals without having to make an extra trip to the store.

Prepare for the Next Day Ahead of Time

There’s nothing worse than rushing around at the crack of dawn and trying to get everything organized and ready to go before the bus arrives.

Avoid this chaos and prepare for the next day ahead of time.

Lay out clothes for the next day, pack lunches the night before, and make sure backpacks are packed with homework and books ahead of time.

Do you have a favorite back to school tip?

Share it in the comments below!