5 Healthy and Delicious Breakfast Ideas

healthy breakfastAs Charleston breast surgeons, we’re always on the go, and breakfast is a meal we often overlook. Like you, we tend to grab something quick and run out the door or stop at Starbuck’s on the way to work for a quick pasty with our coffee. The old saying is true: a good breakfast is the start of a good day, so you don’t want to skip it.

Following are a few ideas we’ve found that don’t take long to prepare. They’re not only tasty but also good for you.

Breakfast casserole or quiche

You can prepare a quiche or breakfast casserole on the weekend and reheat it all week long, or you can prepare mini quiches for an even quicker bite. They’re delicious, and if you do it right, you’ll have at least one or two servings of vegetables and protein in each helping.

Fruit with peanut butter and cheese

Who can resist fruit with peanut butter and cheese? This breakfast is not only quick, but also mouthwatering and very healthy, especially if you use organic peanut butter or almond butter and low-fat cheese. Make sure the fruit is fresh!

Smoothie with fruit, protein powder, and yogurt

It doesn’t get much easier than this—throw some ice, protein powder, yogurt, and fruit or juice in a blender, turn it on, and drink your breakfast. A little research will turn up plenty of smoothie recipes you’ll love, and you’ll be amazed at how long you stay full if you add enough protein and fiber.

High-fiber English muffin or bagel with nut butter

Toast the bagel or English muffin and put your favorite nut butter or Nutella on top instead of butter or cream cheese. You could also add fresh or dried cranberries, strawberries, raisins, banana or apple chips, or sunflower seeds. You’re limited only by your imagination.

Your own GoGurt

You can make this great breakfast with any kind of cereal or granola you wish, along with your favorite flavor of yogurt. Grab a bowl or to-go cup and put some yogurt in the bottom. Add a layer of cereal or granola, and then add a second layer of yogurt and cereal. Fill the bowl and top it with your favorite fruit or nuts. There are literally a hundred and one ways to make this delicious breakfast.

What’s your favorite healthy, quick breakfast?



Healthy Brunch Ideas

healthy brunch ideasBrunch is the perfect time to eat healthy. From fruit to whole-grain muffins and Canadian bacon to turkey sausage, an endless variety of food works for brunch. We’ve come up with a dozen delicious options to help you stay on your healthy eating plan.

Multi-grain pancakes and waffles contain anything you want them to: oat, buckwheat, whole wheat, cornmeal, flax seed, or spelt. Use whole grains as much as possible, and don’t be afraid to add blueberries to those pancakes!

Whole-grain muffins give you the texture and taste you want in a healthier package. Use applesauce or mashed bananas to replace the fat during cooking, and use all-fruit spreads or nut butters on top.

Turkey bacon and sausage add low-fat protein and delicious flavor to quiches, casseroles, and scrambles.

Smoothies are the perfect way to blend your favorite fruits with protein powder, juice, yogurt, or even ice cream. Try several recipes, as there are hundreds of ways to make a tasty smoothie.

Tofu can replace meat in almost any dish. It can also be marinated and barbecued or used in place of cheese.

Canadian bacon has incredible flavor and one-third the calories of regular bacon. It’s also much lower in fat and sodium.

Vegetables of any kind add nutrition, color, and flavor to egg dishes, salads, and side items. Omelets and quiches are an ideal place for a variety of veggies. Try to eat as many different colors as possible to ensure you’re getting the full spectrum of antioxidants and nutrients.

Fruit is a brunch favorite and is used for everything from fresh-squeezed juice to tarts. Like vegetables, be sure to eat a variety to take advantage of the excellent nutrition fruit offers.

Nut and fruit butters and all-fruit spreads are healthy substitutes for butter and high-sugar jellies and jams. Choose from all-natural peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter, apple butter, and spreadable fruit. All are available in stores, but read labels carefully: nut butters should have only one ingredient: the nut itself. Ingredients on the fruit butters and spreadable fruit will vary, but there should be only a few ingredients with no added syrup, sugar, or oils.

Quiche is a delicious, healthy main course, perfect for any type of food you want to put in it. Eggs, vegetables, meat, cheese, and tofu are common ingredients, and quiche invites experimentation with flavors, ingredients, and spices. A casserole is also a good option for a quick and easy brunch dish.

Wild or game meat adds unique flavor and healthy protein to any dish. Game is naturally low in fat, and does not receive antibiotics or hormones. Game meat includes venison, elk, bison, moose, alligator, and wild boar.

Real eggs are one of the healthiest foods you can eat and full of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Eggs are versatile and can be cooked a number of different ways: fried, scrambled, sunny side up, hard- and soft boiled, and poached.

Keep in mind that how you cook and serve is just as important as what you cook and serve. Stay away from partially hydrogenated oils, such as margarine. Coconut oil and olive oil are good choices for both cooking and serving. Real butter, low-sugar syrup, and cream cheese in moderation add a delightful taste to the table. And of course, stay away from high-fructose corn syrup.

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