Visit the Spa from the Comfort of Your Home: DIY Spa Treatments

spa treatmentsYou don’t need to drive to the spa to enjoy its therapeutic, mood-enhancing benefits—you can relax at home and enjoy a spa atmosphere and treatments with just a little creativity.

Choose a time when you’ll be alone.

Part of the allure of the spa is having time to yourself, so for your at-home spa experience, choose a time when you’ll have no distractions. Plan it for a weekend your spouse will be away. Try a DIY spa day while the kids are in school, or ask other family members to take them for an evening. If your dog never leaves your side, take him to doggie daycare for a few hours and let him play his little heart out while you relax.

Set the mood.

Candles, soft music, a glass of wine, some delicious chocolate, and incense will help you create a spa-like mood. In fact, your favorite spa might sell you some of their incense or candles to help you create your home spa. Some women love to play ocean waves or nature sounds while they pamper themselves.

Soak in a luxurious, hot bubble bath.

Find a bubble bath scent you love and slip into the tub with your wine and a good book, or simply lie back and let the fragrant bubbles soak your cares away. A good bathtub pillow will help you feel like you’re at the spa.

Indulge in a decadent facial.

The at-home options for facials are limitless: you can buy products from your spa, you can find amazing facials and masks at beauty supply stores, or you can create your own with ingredients from your kitchen or supermarket. The right facial is refreshing not only for your face, but for your soul.

Try a paraffin manicure or pedicure.

You can buy a paraffin warmer inexpensively and use it while giving yourself a manicure or pedicure. Splurge on your favorite nail polish and hand cream, or buy a pedicure kit. You’ll love doing it yourself while sipping wine and listening to your favorite music.

Make it a friends’ day out.

If you prefer to go to the spa with friends, have a spa party at home instead. Ask each friend to bring a delicious treat or bottle of wine and their favorite home spa treatment. You’ll love trying something new, and they’ll cherish the time spent with you.

What’s your favorite part of an at-home spa day?