Breast Reconstruction After Lumpectomy and Radiation

The below questions are answered by Dr. Richard M. Kline, Jr. of The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction.

Can I have a breast reconstruction two years after the lumpectomy and radiation?

Absolutely! While reconstruction with implants after radiation (even if lumpectomy and not a whole mastectomy were performed) can often be problematic (if not impossible), the chance of getting a successful reconstruction using your own tissue is very high. In the simplest scenario, it is usually possible to use tissue from the abdomen or buttocks to simply “replace” the breast tissue lost from lumpectomy and radiation.

Alternatively, sometimes a better result can be obtained if the lumpectomy is converted to a mastectomy prior to reconstruction. Finally, if the survivor is in a high-risk group for developing another breast cancer, she may wish to consider whether bilateral mastectomy is advisable prior to reconstruction. Usually reconstructing a lumpectomy defect will require only one side of the abdomen, so if the other side is not needed for reconstruction, it will be removed for symmetry and discarded.

What tips do you share with your patients for them to achieve the very best results from breast reconstruction?

1. Have a positive attitude! Patients who are excited about their reconstruction frequently do very well and tolerate any “bumps in the road” much better.

2. Education. Try to become very familiar with your desired type of reconstruction, both through reading and discussing it with patients who have been through it already. Knowing what to expect allays fears and makes everything easier.

3. If time permits, maximize your body’s fitness through diet and exercise, to the extent that you are comfortable doing so.

—Richard M. Kline Jr., M.D.

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Dining Out on Daniel Island

Daniel Island offers a wide variety of wonderful restaurants and eateries that cater to every taste. Following is just a small sample of the gourmet delights that await you.

Ali Baba

186 Seven Farms Drive, Suite 500, 843-377-8666

According to their website, Ali Baba Mediterranean Deli & Catering gives the people of Charleston an opportunity to enjoy delicious cuisine from the Mediterranean region. Featured on the menu are Shawerma, Kebobs, Gyros, and Stuffed Grape Leaves. While many of the dishes contain lamb, beef, or chicken, Ali Baba has an extensive vegetarian menu, including a Grilled Veggie Pita, Tyropita (cheese puffs), and Greek Salad.

Et Cetera Gourmet Food Shoppe

245 Seven Farms Drive, 843-377-8510

This amazing family-owned gourmet food shop offers hand painted chocolates, imported cheeses, homemade pastas and sauces, maple products, various types of meats, and artisan breads. It also serves lunch from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. every day. The menu includes fresh, crisp salads such as a Smoked Chicken Caesar Salad, Sicilian Tuna Salad, and a delicious Pear and Apple Salad.

Sandwiches come on a baguette or multi-grain sliced bread, or you can choose to have a wrap. Some of the delightful choices include Eggplant Florentine, Pork Barbeque, and Mediterranean Turkey Melt.

Queen Anne’s Revenge

160 Fairchild Street, 843-216-6868

If you want a truly gourmet dining experience, look no further than Queen Anne’s Revenge, Daniel Island’s original restaurant. The menu includes prime rib and steaks, fresh seafood, pasta, and delectable burgers. The kids will love the children’s menu. In addition to delicious cuisine, diners may choose craft ales, a wide selection of wines, and unique handmade cocktails.

What makes Queen Anne’s Revenge a truly magical place is its collection of historic pirate artifacts in its on-site museum. Treasures include weapons, grenades, booty chests, coins, and authentic art. The museum also features a re-creation of a ship’s hull and a custom model of the Queen Anne’s Revenge.

Vespa Pizzeria

224 Seven Farms Drive, 843-881-0101

According to the website, Vespa Pizzeria uses traditional cooking methods to create the most authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas in the Charleston area. They use only locally sourced produce and hormone free meats. Pizzas are cooked in an Italian Mugiani wood-fired oven—the same type of oven that has been used in Italy for centuries. In addition to Prosciutto, Shrimp, and Margherita pizza, you’ll find plenty of salads, sandwiches, and pasta on the menu.

The owners have a passion for running their business as a sustainable venture, and to that end, they use recycled Vespa tires and recycled butcher-block dining tables as part of the décor.

Sermet’s Courtyard

115 River Landing Drive, 843-471-1777

Located just one block from the river, Sermet’s Courtyard is a beautiful place to enjoy a delicious meal with your family and friends. Each course is a Mediterranean delight, from Baked Artichoke Torta to Stuffed Breaded Eggplant and Shrimp Couscous. Sermet’s makes its own mozzarella cheese, dipping oil, vinaigrettes, and sauces and sells only locally made desserts.

Sermet’s opens for dinner every night at 5 pm, and reservations are recommended. During the non-winter months, Sermet’s has live music in its courtyard, and publishes a schedule on its website and Facebook page.

Have you tried any of these restaurants, and if so, which was your favorite?


Dining Out in The Charleston Area: Mount Pleasant

charleston restaurantsCharleston is famous for its restaurants! From succulent Lowcountry fine dining to zesty Italian bistros, and quaint barbecue hot spots to vibrant Mexican eateries, Charleston truly is a culinary melting pot.

For many of you who are visiting from out of state, you may not be aware that Charleston is segmented into various different areas that include downtown Charleston, Folly Beach, James Island, Johns Island, Mount Pleasant, North Charleston, West Ashley, and Daniel Island (there are a few other neighboring cities, towns, and islands thrown in there, but these are the main ones). Each and every area in Charleston is home to exciting restaurants, cafes, bars, and pubs that naming them all in one blog post would be way too much. This is why we’ve decided to create a series on Charleston restaurants. Each post in the series will focus on a different area of Charleston and some of the best restaurants found in that area.

This first post will focus on Mount Pleasant, which is located right across the Ravenel Bridge from downtown Charleston.

Below are just 5 of our favorite restaurants and cafes in Mount Pleasant:

Crave: Serving up artisan sandwiches, pasta, steak, and seafood, Crave provides an eclectic mix of various foods that are sure to delight your palette. The atmosphere is casual and the food is moderately priced. One of our favorite dishes is the turkey club sandwich complimented by a mermaid martini!

1968 Riviera Dr # O, Mount Pleasant, SC 29466 / (843) 884-1177 / brunch, lunch, dinner

Mustard seed: For some great food, a casual atmosphere, and excellent service, take a trip to the Mustard Seed. This quaint restaurant features everything from creamy pasta dishes to fresh salads, chicken entrees to mussels and linguine, and much more. The bread that they put on your table at the beginning of dinner is also exceptional and is covered in seasoning and cheese.

1036 Chuck Dawley Boulevard,Mount Pleasant, SC 29464-4178 / (843) 849-0050 / lunch, dinner (not open Sundays)

Yamato: If you love Hibachi-style cooking as much as we do then you’ll definitely want to check out Yamato. With a fun and social atmosphere, great food, huge portions, and silly chefs, Yamato will instantly steal your heart. This restaurant is particularly great for larger groups.

1993 Riviera Drive, Mount Pleasant, SC 29466 / (843) 881-1190 / dinner

Red Drum: With somewhat of a Tex-Mex thing going on Red Drum will add a flair to your night. Serving up excellent culinary masterpieces such as lamb shank, fresh seafood, and enchilada appetizers this elegant restaurant is sure to knock your socks off. Note that Red Drum is considered fine dining and we suggest calling in advance to book a reservation.

803 Coleman Boulevard, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 / (843) 849-0313 / sunday brunch, dinner (closed Mondays)

Mozzo: This deli is a must when visiting the Charleston area. With a huge selection of artisan sandwiches, pasta salads, cole slaws, and desserts, it can be easy to go overboard when dining at Mozzo. They’re a deli that definitely knows what they’re doing. Some of our favorite sandwiches include the Roma, The Godfather, Fusion, Dig the Fig, and Fat Boy.

730 Coleman Boulevard, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 / (843) 388-5755 / breakfast, lunch

Some other Mount Pleasant restaurants that we love include Opal, Langdon’s, Jacob’s Kitchen, Basil, Next Door, Sette, and Uno Mas (great margaritas).

Have you ever been to Mount Pleasant? What’s your favorite restaurant in the area?