5 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day This Year

Women are amazing.

From working full-time jobs and raising families to caring for those in need and having to deal with awful things like breast cancer, women are powerhouses.

We don’t let life get us down, and even in the midst of a struggle, we keep our heads held high.

For that reason, it’s no surprise that International Women’s Day, which falls on March 8, was established in order to celebrate women from all walks of life.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve won a Nobel Peace Prize, or if you’re simply the peacekeeper in your home.

You (and all of your lady friends) deserve to be recognized and honored.

During the week of March 8, we invite you to celebrate International Women’s Day with us.

Not sure how to celebrate? Check out some of the fun suggestions below!

Bake an International Women’s Day Cake and Host a Party

No celebration is complete without a cake!

This year, bake your favorite cake, decorate it, and then host a party for all your favorite gal pals. There’s nothing better than being surrounded by cake and good company.

If you’re worried about making enough dessert for everyone, ask your friends or family members to all contribute a small cake or dessert of their choosing. Doing this ensures you’ll have enough food and that everyone at your party will be able to enjoy their preferred dessert.

You could also ask people to contribute things like drinks, plates, or plastic silverware.

Volunteer at a Women’s Shelter

Serving women is one of the best ways to celebrate women. After all, many women are nurturers by nature and are great at loving on others and building them up.

The best way to serve…volunteer at a women’s shelter.

From homeless women’s shelters to domestic violence and abuse centers, there’s no shortage of places that could use a helping hand.

The best part…you don’t have to have a special talent or gift in order to volunteer.

Whether you’re serving a meal, helping with laundry, providing entertainment, or just spending time with someone who could use a friend to talk to, your presence will be greatly appreciated.

Gather up your girlfriends and make a day of it while giving back to the women who need your help.

Tip: Be sure to call around to your local shelters and women’s centers to see what they need help with. Some places might need volunteers, while others might need physical donations like blankets, soap, or food.

Enjoy a Chick Flick Movie Night Starring Your Favorite Female Leads

A long time ago, women’s movie roles were often limited to wives and love interests.

However, in the past few decades, women have really started to make headway in the film industry, taking the lead and starring as strong, independent, and intelligent characters.

For this reason, we think it would be fun to have your girlfriends and female family members over for a chick flick movie night that features female actresses.

Here are a few movie suggestions that feature female leads…

  • Thelma & Louise
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • Legally Blonde
  • The Help
  • The Heat
  • Miss Congeniality

Enjoy a Spa Day with Your Girlfriends

Every lady deserves a day of pampering. And what better way to be pampered than with a mani/pedi, massage, or new haircut?

In honor of International Women’s Day, get your best girlfriends together and make a day of it at the spa.

Splurge on the gel nails or foot massage–you deserve it!

Tip: Make your spa day even more extravagant by enjoying brunch before your appointment or lunch and drinks after your spa day.

Give Your Kids a History Lesson on Amazing Women

Harriet Tubman courageously led hundreds of enslaved people to freedom along the route of the Underground Railroad.

Marie Curie was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize for research on radioactivity.

Amelia Earhart was a fearless female pilot.

These are just three examples of amazing women role models that we should be teaching our children about.

In honor of International Women’s Day, we encourage you to talk with your kids about the brave, intelligent, and powerful women who have helped shape our country.

It’s so important that kids (especially young girls) understand that women can do anything that men can do.

How do you celebrate the women in your life? Let us know in the comments below!

Gratitude: Why You Don’t Need to Find a Pot of Gold to Feel Lucky This Month

 During the month of March, people often think of lucky four-leaf clovers, chasing leprechauns, and finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. It’s the month of luck after all!

Sure, finding a pot of treasure or stumbling upon a stash of golden horseshoes would be lucky, but the chances of that happening—unless you’re a treasure hunter–are slim to none.

That’s ok.

At The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction, we believe it’s best to create your own luck, so that every day can be a great day!

Keep reading to discover some of our favorite ways you can remind yourself just how lucky you really are and show gratitude for everything you have.

Reflect on the Good Things in Life

It’s really easy to get caught reflecting on the bad things in life…like being diagnosed with cancer, losing a loved one, or being stressed out at work.

Yet, when we take a minute and begin to reflect on the good things in life, we realize there is often more good than bad happening in our lives.

Think about how lucky you are to have loving friends and family in your life that are there to support you whenever you need them. If you don’t have a lot of close friends or family, perhaps you have a pet that is always available for a snuggle.

Do you have a home, a warm bed to sleep in, and food to eat? Sadly, there are many people in the world that don’t. We consider ourselves lucky to have those things.

Chances are you’re reading this blog post from a computer or a smartphone. Just the fact that you have access to technology is very lucky! Not to mention other luxuries like electricity, a TV to watch, the ability to call friends and family via your cell phone, etc.

You see, when you start thinking about how many good things you have in your life, you don’t need “leprechaun magic” to realize just how good you have it!

Volunteer or Help Those in Need

Sometimes the best way to realize how lucky we are is put ourselves in the same room as those who aren’t as lucky.

The best way to do this is volunteering.

Working a soup kitchen is a great way to remind ourselves how lucky we are to have food in our stomach.

Volunteering at a homeless shelter is a wonderful way to remind ourselves how fortunate we are to have our own beds to sleep in.

And spending time with sick children or adults in a hospital is the best way to show us how lucky we are for our good health—regardless of the health issues you’ve faced in the past.

Volunteer for a cause that is close to your heart, and I promise you won’t need to find a pot of gold to feel rich in your blessings.

Create Your Own Luck

Good fortune is often the result of a lot of hard work.

Think about it…many millionaires who own thriving businesses started with nothing, working out of their garages. But, with hard work, they now live a very fortunate lifestyle.

If you feel as if you’ve been stuck in a rut without any good luck, it’s time to roll up your sleeves, follow your dreams, and create your own good luck for the future.

Have the tools and resources you need to start your dream business? Do it!

Need to finish your college degree to help make a comfortable life for you and your family? Hit the books!

Do you dream of traveling the world? Start saving a little money each month to make that dream a reality.

With a little hard work and planning, you’ll have the potential to do whatever you set your mind to—how lucky is that!

How do you make your own luck? Let us know in the comments below!

Fun Valentine’s Day Activity Ideas

Thanks to Valentine’s Day, February is commonly known as the month of love. On the 14th day of this month, many people show love to their friends, family, and significant others, while participating in Valentine’s Day activities.

While we believe that you should express your love for others throughout the entire year, we also know how fun it is to plan special surprises and events on Valentine’s Day.

To help you celebrate, we’ve put together a few of our favorite Valentine’s Day activities so you can plan the best day ever for your partner, friends, or family.

The best part—you can set aside some of these ideas to use throughout the rest of the year to show people how much you care.

Keep reading to discover some of our family Valentine’s Day activities.

Make a Homemade Meal

For many people, food is the key to their hearts. After all, who doesn’t love a home-cooked meal comprised of their favorite foods?

Taking the time out of your busy schedule to cook a meal on Valentine’s Day is a great way to show how much you care. And it’s easy, too!

All you need to do is find out your special Valentine’s favorite meal, and then cook!

Call up your girlfriends for a dinner party at your house, invite your parents or siblings over, or plan a special dinner in for you and your significant other this year. We promise you can’t go wrong with this idea!

 Make a Delicious Dessert

If you’re not much of a cook, but you love to bake, making a Valentine’s Day dessert may be good choice for you.

Here are a few different ways you can use dessert to say “I love you!”

#1 Make your partner’s favorite dessert and serve it as an after-dinner surprise.

#2 Bake a batch of desserts (like brownies or cookies) and hand them out at the office or to your neighbors.

#3 If you have children, make a dessert like cupcakes, and then get the whole family to decorate them and celebrate together.

Go Out for Coffee

Taking a friend, family member, or significant other out for coffee (or tea!) is a great opportunity to spend time with those you love.

This Valentine’s date idea is budget friendly, but most importantly, buys you precious time to chat and spend quality time with the ones you care about. Time together is certainly the best gift of all.

If you’re able, give your “Valentine” a gift card for future coffee dates throughout the year.

Have an In-Home Movie Night

Avoid the Valentine’s Day crowds and have a movie night in the comfort of your own home.

This type of activity works well when you want to celebrate with a bunch of friends, but want to keep the activity cost budget friendly.  Simply put together a list of people you want to celebrate with, pick a movie, and ask your friends to bring a sweet treat to share.

A movie night in is also a great option for a more intimate date night.

Pick out your significant other’s favorite movie, make a yummy movie treat, grab a cozy blanket, and enjoy a quiet evening  together.

Get Out the Crafts

If you have children, a Valentine’s Day crafting night can be a lot of fun.

We recommend using colored paper, stencils, and stickers to write Valentine’s Day cards for each other. This is a great way to remind your children how much they are loved.

While the cards are fun, it’s also a wonderful way to spend quality time with your kids…something they will cherish forever.


Not many people think about doing volunteer work on Valentine’s Day, but it’s a good way to show your community how much you care. It’s amazing how much one act of service can impact a person who needs a little extra love this season.

This Valentine’s Day, get your family or friends together and pick your favorite place to lend a hand like a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, or animal shelter.

Not only will your community feel loved, but you’ll also feel good about making a difference.

Do you have a favorite Valentine’s Day activity? Share it in the comments below!

10 Ways to Fight Cabin Fever This Winter

The winter months can seem to drag on forever–especially if you live in a climate where you’re stuck inside due to freezing temperatures and snow. Even here in Charleston, SC, January can seem to drag on forever.

After weeks of being cooped, up you may begin to feel the effects of cabin fever.

The good news is that there many things you can do to combat that awful restless feeling when the weather just won’t cooperate.

This year, don’t let the snow, ice, or cooler temperatures keep you from enjoying the things you love. Instead, we suggest you put together a list of indoor activities you can do to avoid cabin fever…for you and your family.

Need some ideas? Not to worry. We’ve put together a few of our favorite things to do during the winter months. Keep reading to check them out.

Visit a Friend 

Between the hustle and bustle of work, taking care of our children, and getting chores around the house done, we don’t often have as much time as we’d like to spend with our friends.

If you find yourself sitting inside your house on a blustery Friday night with nothing to do, call a friend and make plans to hang out.

Not only will visiting a friend get you out of the house, but spending time together will be sure to warm both of your hearts.

Tip: Really beat the winter blues and plan a trip to visit a friend who lives in a warm place, like Florida! Or better yet, plan a trip with your girlfriends to visit a tropical destination together.

Go to the Movies

A big screen projector, the smell of delicious popcorn in the air, and the excitement of watching a new movie make going out to the movies a really fun activity.

Put together a list of movies you want to see, and then pick a day to go out and see one with your friends or family.

There’s nothing wrong with going to see a movie by yourself either. It’s important to be able to treat yourself and have a “you” day every once in a while. Grab a package of your favorite candy, purchase tickets to that chick flick you’ve been dying to see, and enjoy!


Organizations and charities need volunteer help as often as they can get it, especially during the cold winter months.

Warm the stomach of a person in need by making hot meals at your local soup kitchen, volunteer to help wash clothes at a homeless shelter, lend a hand to someone who’s battling cancer, or show the animals at a pet rescue some love.

No matter what cause you’re passionate about, there’s always something you can do to help.

Bundle Up and Go for a Walk

Sometimes all it takes is a 30-minute walk to break you out of your cabin fever slump.

As long as your roads aren’t icy or dangerous, grab a winter coat, hat, and scarf, bundle up, and head outside for a walk.

Tip: Start a weekly winter walking group with your friends. Pick a time once a week to meet up, encourage each other to get outside, and walk together at your local park or in one of your neighborhoods.

Go to a Sporting Event

If you love basketball, football, or other winter sports, now is the time to pick up a ticket and go see your favorite team live in action.

If you can’t travel or afford to see your favorite professional team play, I recommend that you check out your local college or farm teams. Tickets to college or farm team games are generally cheaper, but come with just as much fun.

To make a night out on the town to watch your favorite sport even more fun, invite family or friends along. Pick up some team jerseys (or make them yourself at home) and enjoy an exciting night out together cheering on your favorite team!

How do you combat cabin fever? Let us know in the comments below.

The Charleston Cinderella Project

girl in her purple prom dressThe Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction wants to share some information about one of our favorite events of the year, The Charleston Cinderella Project. The organization collects formal dresses, gowns, purses, jewelry, shawls, shoes, and accessories, and provide those items to financially challenged high school ladies free of cost.

This year’s event will be hosted at John Wesley United Methodist Church March 14 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Donations are still being accepted, at the locations on their website,

through March 11.  If you’re interested in helping to set up March 13, please sign up online. We appreciate everyone’s support to help these young women look gorgeous for their big day!

Alissa Collins Lietzow, Project Chair for the Charleston Cinderella Project, tells us what this event means to her: 

Tell us how you became involved with The Cinderella Project?

I became involved back in 2004, when I was a Freshman at College of Charleston. I was volunteering at St. Matthew’s after school program when I started to see dresses being donated in the early months. After learning more about the Cinderella Project, I jumped in! I started chairing the project the next year.

How many young ladies attend the event each year? 

The project has really grown since its inception. The first year I volunteered, we maybe had 20/25 girls come and about 100 dresses. Over the last several years, we’ve really grown the event, adding in accessories, dressing rooms, and fabulous door prizes to make the entire experience feel like a day of shopping. We’re hoping for several hundred girls to attend March 14.

racks of the prom dresses

What is the one “made my day” moment that you have experienced while working on this project?

I have several of those “made my day” moments throughout the years. The hugs from moms and grandmamas that come shopping with the girls are always heartwarming. Some of the e-mails asking for assistance are quite touching. I also remember a young lady who reached out and wanted to donate her dress back to the event because she had such a wonderful time, she wanted to give another young lady that same opportunity.  The project takes months of planning, but it’s always worth it.



How can people contact you if they want to help or donate?

For more information, e-mail  CinderellaProjectCharleston@gmail.com, visit their website www.cinderellaprojectcharleston.com, or find them on social media