Traveling Abroad Checklist


So you’ve decided to finally take the dive and travel abroad.


Especially for those venturing overseas for the first time, the initial wave of excitement is often followed with an overwhelming feeling of “oh wow, there is so much to do!”

Since we love to travel and know a lot of our patients do to, we put our heads together to come up with everything you need to prepare before jetting off to your fabulous vacation.

Hope you find this checklist helpful and be sure to send us a postcard!

  • Plan well in advance

By picking your exact dates and the location(s) for your trip, you can start narrowing down more details. Not to mention the earlier you book your vacation, the more options you’ll have.

  • Make sure your passport is current

Check your passport expiration date ASAP. Renewing or applying for your first passport can take months and waiting until the last minute may leave you high and dry without a way to leave the country.

  • Buy plane tickets (buying in advance saves money)

Buying plane tickets well in advance helps you plan your trip, as well as save money.

  • Book accommodations

Especially if you’re going in peak season, your top picks for hotel accommodations will fill up rapidly. Researching places to stay is also a great way to get to know the area.

  • Book tours and activities

Although it’s wonderful to participate in spontaneous activities when you’re there, one of our biggest recommendations is to have your activities planned beforehand. That way you can spend your time enjoying activities, instead of stressing over what to do each day—and no one says you absolutely have to stick to the plan—it’s just a great place to start!

  • Create an itinerary

This is a MUST. Between travel plans, multiple accommodations, tours, and restaurant reservations, it’s difficult to keep it straight (or everyone on the same page). Print out a copy for every member of the group, and leave it with someone at home who can always know where to reach you while you’re abroad.

  • Nail down transportation

Research your ideal transportation for your trip. Whether that involves renting a car, looking into public transportation, or buying train tickets, that’s an important factor to be nailed down in advance. Especially when it comes to train tickets, you can receive an exceptionally cheaper deal when bought more than a month in advance. 

  • Print travel documents, make copies of passports, credit cards

Have a copy of all of your travel documents, passports, and credit cards in both your carry on or suitcase in case of an emergency. It’s also important to leave an additional copy with someone you trust at home as a back up.

  • Order appropriate currency

Currency conversion can be an unnecessary extra expense. But some planning can help reduce the cost. Shop around for the best rates before you depart. Warning: the worst rates are at the exchange desks at the airport. Also an important note: give your credit card company a call and let them know where you’ll be traveling abroad.

  • Look into electric adaptors and convertors

Countries have varying power wattages, so be sure to look into what electric adaptors and convertors work in each country you’ll be staying in.

  • Pack

Easier said than done! Start the packing process many days prior to be sure not to forget anything.

  • Have a fantastic time!

We can’t wait to hear all about your fabulous trip!

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