Ask the Doctor: Q&A

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Q: I see post bariatric surgery plastic surgery referenced on your site. I didn’t realize you also offered these procedures. Which doctor cares for this? Thank you for any information you can provide.



A: Hello, M.

Currently, 90% of our activity is microvascular breast reconstruction. I did a lot of post-bariatric surgery some years ago, which is where the pictures came from. We stopped actively promoting this service (despite leaving the pictures up) because: 1) Unfortunately, insurance doesn’t usually pay for it, and 2) Most patients can’t afford to pay for it themselves. The surgeries are fairly large and serious, and as a rule, complications can be serious and patients usually need to stay in the hospital at least one night. If you can find a surgeon close to you with an express interest in performing this surgery, that would probably be your best bet. If you can’t find one and you determine we are your closest reasonable option, I would be happy to see you to discuss your options.

Thanks for your great question!


Richard M. Kline, Jr., MD