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I had my Stage 1 DIEP in Charleston with Drs. Kline and Craigie on May 25, 2018. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate my experience a 12! Before I go into more detail about my Charleston experience though, let me go back in time a little bit. I had my first unilateral mastectomy in 1998 (right side) with a reduction on the left side and immediate expanders. A while later, I had the exchange for the permanent implants. This was all done in Atlanta, Georgia. The process was painful and … [Read More...]

4 Methods of Natural Breast Reconstruction

For many women, a breast cancer diagnosis means a transformation, since both full and partial mastectomies are common as a way to rid the body of malignant tissues. These surgeries can leave a woman feeling uncertain or insecure about the changes. Fortunately, there are options to help. Perhaps you have heard the phrase “natural breast reconstruction” and wanted to know more about it. The term actually covers several different procedures, from improving the contour of scars left by … [Read More...]

3 Healthy Grilled Dinner Recipes

(Source) Grilling out always adds an added layer of fun to dinnertime. Whether it’s serving up plates of delicious food while you catch up with friends or testing out new recipes on a romantic dinner date, it’s hard not to find a reason to fire up the grill. And contrary to what many people think, grilling out doesn’t always consist of fatty foods like hamburgers or potato salad. There are plenty of healthy (and tasty) options to serve up. While summer vibes are in full throttle, we … [Read More...]

Ask the Doctor- Why Do Expanders Have To Be Used When a Breast is Removed?

This week, Richard M. Kline Jr. M.D., of The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction, answers your question. Question: Why do expanders have to be used when breast are removed and the pocket is empty and ready to be filled with an implant? Answer:  It is not always necessary to place expanders at the time of mastectomies, but in many situations, it is a safer choice than immediately putting in an implant. Even if the breast surgeon leaves the nipples and removes no skin at all, the skin … [Read More...]

Making Peace with Your Body Post Breast Cancer

Regardless of the severity, breast cancer takes a toll on your body. Between chemo, radiation, and surgeries, many women struggle with their physical appearances after they’ve won their battles. In a study published in The European Journal of Breast Health, researchers found that many of the 20 study participants who went through breast cancer treatment held a belief that breasts symbolize femininity, beauty, and motherhood. As a result, after mastectomies, some of the participants felt … [Read More...]

Ask the Doctor – I Was In An Accident And Now Have a Painful Knot On My Reconstructed Right Breast. Should I Be Worried About Long Term Damage?

This week, Richard M. Kline, Jr., MD, of The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction answers your question about breast reconstruction. Question: I had reconstruction about 6 years ago after a double mastectomy. I had several surgeries for revisions. I had an SGAP on my right and stacked DIEP on left. Everything was fine until a month and a half ago when I was hit by a driver who ran a stop sign and t-boned me. My car was totalled. I had an impact on my right breast from the steering wheel … [Read More...]

3 Delicious Charleston Culinary Food Tours

(Source) If there’s one thing Charleston has gained prominence for, it’s the city’s food! From traditional Southern fare and delicious seafood to farm-to-table dinners and innovative cocktails, Charleston’s burgeoning culinary scene has received attention from the likes of Bon Appétit, Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, and Food & Wine magazine. In AFAR magazine’s words, “Charleston is home to world-famous chefs, as well as restaurants that have been preparing time-tested recipes for … [Read More...]

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