Ask the Doctor: Q&A

Q: What is a safe cc (cubic centimeters) of fluid to fill breast tissue expanders every two weeks? Danna A: Hi Danna, 
Thank you for reaching out. The answer to your question depends on multiple factors. Usually there is a certain amount of fluid that needs to be added to an expander after surgery so that the skin is stretched enough to fit around the more permanent implant. Usually the fluid is added gradually until the goal is met. This may take multiple visits to the surgeon until … [Read More...]

How to Stay Positive During the Winter Blues

Robert Frost once wrote, "You can't get too much winter in the winter." While its shorter days, colder temps and beautiful snow falls put a smile on the faces of some, others would disagree with the famed poet about winter. To them, the season makes them eat more, sleep more and generally feel down in the dumps. They can’t wait for it to be over and for spring to arrive. If that sounds like you, you might be suffering from more than just cabin fever. Known by its more medical term, Seasonal … [Read More...]

Ask the Doctor: Q&A

Q: I had a bilateral mastectomy three years ago because of stage one ER positive breast cancer in the left breast and DCIS in the right. I chose to have a double mastectomy to avoid radiation. I hate my reconstruction! It feels unnatural and bulbous, and the breasts are too far apart. They are uncomfortable when I sleep because they are too big (they are gel inserts). I can’t feel anything on the front of either of my breasts. Can you help me? Susan A: Hi Susan,
 You are not alone. … [Read More...]

Ask the Doctor: Flap Surgeries

Question:  I had a bilateral mastectomy last December after chemotherapy for stage 3 breast cancer in my right breast and lymph node removal. Expanders were inserted, and I had radiation treatment that ended in the spring. I am now ready to get rid of these expanders and have reconstructive surgery. I am confident I want an autologous tissue surgery. I am on my third plastic surgeon and I have concerns about going forward with this doctor since he has not shown me any pictures and does not … [Read More...]

Seeing Friends and Family for the First Time Since Surgery

There is nothing like a support system to help you get through cancer diagnosis and treatment. After you have surgery, your family members and friends will probably want to stop by and visit. They may also want to cook for you, clean your home or just keep you company as you recuperate. While seeing friends and family can be a positive part of your recuperation, it can also be overwhelming. You might not feel up to having company or you might feel self- conscious about how you look. Here … [Read More...]

Ask the Doctor: Phase 2 & 3 DIEP Procedure

Question: Hello! I’m currently seeking a surgeon for phase 2 DIEP. My plastic surgeon here did a great job for phase 1, but doesn’t seem interested in correcting what I think is a problem for phase 2. My breast size is currently a DD and I do not like the size. They are heavy and my back hurts by the end of the day. I’m seeking a C cup. Also, my abdomen is hard and bloated from underneath the breasts to just below my bellybutton. This hardness makes it difficult to breathe. Is this … [Read More...]

Opening up the Conversation on Family Cancer History

At the doctor’s office, you are given pages upon pages of paperwork to fill out about insurance information, medications and past illnesses and surgeries. When you get to the family history page it can be a bit overwhelming or you might even draw a complete blank. Did your Aunt Mabel have breast cancer? You vaguely remember your father telling you something about your second cousin’s diagnosis, but you can’t remember, and now some family members aren’t talking, so the facts are … [Read More...]

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