Ask the Doctor-Are prosthetics right for me?

This week, James E. Craigie, MD, of The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction answers your question.

Question: I had a double mastectomy 5/2/16. The plastic surgeon placed expanders on both sides with the intention of doing reconstruction surgery in 6 months. I was diagnosed with pre-cancer stage 0 dcis in situ but genetic testing showed I was positive for the BRCA2 gene which led to the double mastectomy. The left expander had to be removed due to thin tissue that wouldn’t knit together and I had a wound vac in place for 10 days. I was thinking of getting natural reconstruction but since I have the right expander was told that it would have to be removed along with the dog ears skin on both sides. I am 64 and don’t know what to do.

AnswerI’m sorry you have had so much trouble so far.

You have already had trouble with implant (expander) – based reconstruction, and that could make it more likely that you will have trouble in the future with additional attempts at implant reconstruction. Fortunately, however, previous failed attempts at implant reconstruction almost never reduce the chances of having successful reconstruction with your own tissue (assuming that you are otherwise a good candidate for that).

Because you have had a somewhat complicated course thus far, apparently with some tissue loss, I would appreciate the opportunity to evaluate you in person, if possible, before giving you any more specific advice. We will give you our honest opinion about what we believe your best options are, whether using more implants or your own tissue, and then even of you just decide to have your expander removed, you may feel better about your decision. If you wish, we can have our P.A. Kim or nurse Chris call you to discuss your situation further.

Thanks for your question.

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