Can I Have Reconstruction Surgery Even If My Radiation Treatments Damaged My Chest Area?

Are there natural methods of breast reconstruction surgery?
The following question is answered by Dr. Richard Kline of  The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction.

In 2001, I had to have my implant removed because I had to a recurrence of breast cancer. After chemo, my 36 treatments of radiation did considerable damage to my chest area. I did have a latissimus flap and it was a total failure! I look like a road map to California. I had both of my implants removed in 2007 because of infection that went into my right implant.

Sometimes I think I might be okay without breasts, but not really. I wear prosthetics, but they are uncomfortable. Is there any way to get a successful reconstructive surgery with one of the natural ways of reconstruction?


Natural Breast Reconstruction almost certainly represents your best chance for a successful reconstruction, even with your past unfortunate experiences. If you have adequate donor tissue in your abdomen, buttocks, or thighs, there is an excellent chance that it can be used for your reconstruction. Your past surgeries and history of radiation may affect the final appearance of your breasts due to effects on your skin, but they usually have no impact on our ability to successfully transfer your donor tissue using microvascular techniques. Contact us and we can talk more about your specific situation.


Richard M. Kline, MD
Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction


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