Opportunities for Dancing in Charleston

At The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction, we’re all about putting more fun in our lives. What better way to enjoy life than to put a little boogie in your step?

We’re serious…

When was the last time you cut a rug?

Whether you live in town or you’re visiting, we think Charleston has some of the best dancing spots on the Eastern seaboard. Before we unveil a few upcoming opportunities to bust a move, here are a few major health benefits of dancing.

  • Dancing strengthens your bones and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Cutting a rug increases muscular strength, enhances your endurance level, and improves your motor functions.
  • Doing a jig every now and again is by far the most pleasurable way to squeeze in aerobics, so you gain twice the amount of endorphins from fun and exercise.
  • Busting a move creates healthier heart and lungs.
  • Boogying every once in a while helps you drop weight.

While you can always embark on an impromptu dance party right in your living room, you can also find some musical events around Charleston.

Introducing Shaggin’ on the Cooper

Put a little pep in your step at Shaggin’ on the Cooper at Mt. Pleasant Pier! These events take place from April to September—and always on Saturday. The events are $10 general admission and perfect for the whole family.

Saturday, May 14: Shem Creek Boogie Band

 What’s not to love about a group called the Shem Creek Boogie Band? These Charleston locals play ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s rock ‘n’ roll, soul, blues, country, and pop, so there’s something for everybody.

 Saturday, June 11: The Sugar Bees

 Sorry to be punny, but the Sugar Bees are pretty sweet. J

Another local musical group, The Sugar Bees play a variety of songs from multiple genres—rock, alternative, blues, beach much, and Americana tunes. You’re in for some seriously talented individuals, as this band has opened for…

  • Maurice Williams and The Zodiacs.
  • The Gatlin Brothers.
  • The Stylistics.
  • The Drifters.
  • The Tams.
  • The Embers.
  • The Platters.
  • Danny and the Juniors.
  • Joe Simon.
  • Chuck Berry, Jay Spell of Jimmy Buffets Coral Reefer Band.
  • Nappy Brown.
  • And more.

 Saturday, July 16: Recollections

 The Recollections aren’t your standard “beach band.” Though they’re all about getting you to move your feet, the Recollections also bring a lush texture to their music. Featuring guitar, bass, keyboard, brass instruments, woodwinds, and percussion, the band will ensure you have a grand time.

With seven highly trained musicians, the Recollections bring diversity to their music that will lift your spirits as you move about the dance floor.

 Saturday, August 13: Vinyl Daze

 We recommend a margarita to accompany your listening to Vinyl Daze. As the band’s name makes it clear, this group is all about fun. With a 70’s groove sound, listening to Vinyl Daze transports listeners to a time when music wasn’t streamed, downloaded, or confined to a laptop.

Grab your tickets for Shaggin’ on the Cooper at Mt. Pleasant Pier!