Q&A: Ask the Doctor

Ask the Doctor: Q&A
Q: Three years ago, I had a double mastectomy and am now cancer-free. Unfortunately, my
plastic surgeon did a terrible job with the reconstruction. The left side implant is way off to the
outer side and looks larger than the right. The right side is way too far to the outside. There is
zero cleavage. Is there any way to re-position the implants to the more natural position of the
breast? I do not expect perfect but don’t like looking like a botched job. Please let me know if
your team can help. Thank you.
A: Congratulations on becoming cancer-free. At the Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction it
is part of our mission to help women move on with their lives after breast cancer. We focus our
efforts on helping women get their bodies back together with permanent “natural results.”
I’m sorry you are disappointed with your reconstruction results. If you have had radiation
previously, then it may be more difficult to have your breasts match with implant reconstruction.
If you have not had radiation then perhaps your implants could be revised or adjusted for an
improved appearance.
It is possible that using your own fatty tissue would be a more permanent option without
implants. Sometimes it is hard to start over with another approach but it may be necessary if
you desire a more natural and permanent result. If you would like more information about
natural breast reconstruction with your own tissue let me know.
We are here to help!
James Craigie MD