The Best Fro-Yo in Charleston

The frozen yogurt craze is sweeping the country—and Charleston, too!  One of the healthier indulgences around, frozen yogurt topped with fresh fruit is also the perfect summer treat.  Come see a few places where you can get your fix, and get in on the fun:

TCBY: Right off Folly Rd, you can get your swirl on at the chain that started it all. With delectable soft serve flavors (cake batter, anyone?), you can dress your fro-yo with toppings ranging from fresh fruit and almonds, to brownie bites and cookie bits. Show restraint or indulge as you see fit!

  • YoBe Frozen Yorgurt: With two locations to choose from, one in West Ashley and the other off International Boulevard in North Charleston, it’s easy to tour the delicious offerings of this renowned yogurt stand. The distinctive yogurt-rich taste of their soft serve is unlike anywhere else and absolutely delicious.

  • FreshBerry Frozen Yogurt Café: This frozen yogurt café on St. George Street is sure to woo with its pleasant atmosphere and fruit-infused menu. Stop by for a perfect late-night dessert, and enjoy some of the finer local fro-yo offerings in Charleston.
  • Yogurt Mountain: A lively stand on King Street, this frozen yogurt eatery has an abundance of soft serve flavors and toppings to make the perfect treat. For the lactose-intolerant diners, they even offer sorbet in wonderfully fruity options!
  • Menchies Frozen Yogurt: In Mount Pleasant, you’ll find this fro-yo joint has all the flavors and toppings you could wish for, and a hands-on approach to the whole endeavor: the soft serve machines, lined along the wall, are customer operated. So get creative! Mix and match to your heart’s content. Menchies even accounts for the indecisive fro-yo imbiber with little cups to sample each flavor.

What’s your favorite frozen yogurt flavor and topping combo?