Tips For a Healthy and Fun Holiday Party

Holiday Parties - Safety TipsWe all love the merriment of the holidays, and parties are the best part of the festivities for many of us. However, it’s easy to get carried away, but we have the following tips to avoid that (and perhaps avoid a hangover or unwanted weight gain).

Decide what you’re going to eat and drink ahead of time.

If you have some idea of what you’ll be served, you can plan your indulgences before you go. You can determine what you’ll drink and eat. When you go to a party and are prepared, you’re less likely to overdo it. If you’re offered alcoholic beverages you’ve never had before, just have one…you never know how you might react if you have more.

Also, if you know you’ll be served hors d’oeuvres only, you can decide whether to eat a meal before or after the party. If you’ll be drinking, it’s a good idea to have substantial food in your stomach.

Drink one glass of water or juice for every alcoholic drink.

This will help pace your drinking and reduce your chance of a hangover, since you’ll keep yourself hydrated. You might also consider having a cocktail with fruit juice so you have some vitamin C in your system.

Follow the one-plate rule.

Fill your plate just once, and choose the smallest plate you can to avoid overeating. Your waistline will thank you! While you want to have some fun sugary foods, fill the majority of your plate with veggies, fruit, nuts, and meat.

Keep an eye on your designated driver, or call a taxi.

Hopefully you decide upon a sober driver before you enter the party, but if you don’t, call a taxi. Your designated driver can have one or two drinks when you get to the party, as long as you’re there for at least two hours.

If your driver overindulges, or you end up alone for some reason, it’s much better to pay for a taxi ride than for a drunk-driving incident—and it’s much safer for everyone involved.