How to Deal with Spring Fever in 5 Easy Steps

Craving the outdoors is a normal part of spring fever and anticipating warmer weather. Most of us have had spring fever at one time or another and we all remember the desire to escape the classroom or office and simply get outside.

It’s not always possible to stop what we’re doing and go out, so here are a few tips to minimize spring fever’s impact. If you feel your spring fever is severe, talk to your doctor.

Keep an eye on your general health.

Eat properly, sleep adequately, and address any health issues with your physician. Spring fever may be your body’s way of telling you it needs more vitamin D, which we get from sunlight, or more exercise.

Speaking of exercise, do it regularly.

Sometimes spring fever is more about the need to move than it is about being outside. Stay with your exercise program if you have one, and if you don’t, then start one—preferably outdoors!

Exercise keeps your energy stable, your hormones constant, and your moods even. It will give you a good excuse to get out, but even when you can’t play in the fresh air, moving your body will help reduce the spring fever itch.

Go outside when you can.

Take any opportunity to leave the house or the office and do what your body is telling you to do—enjoy the sunshine and lovely weather. You know you want to! Be careful you don’t overdo it, however. You can sunburn in March, and you don’t want to be late back to work or to other obligations.

When you’re outside, allow your body to soak up a little sun. Mere minutes (fewer than 10 if you burn easily) are all you need to help your body produce vitamin D.

Spend time in active environments.

If you can’t go outside while the sun is out, then go to the gym or take a long walk downtown, no matter what time of day. The hustle and bustle of being around others tames the anxious energy spring fever gives you, and moving around outside will help the craving you feel for release from the office or the classroom.

Give yourself something to look forward to.

When you’re at work or school and cannot go outside, be kind to yourself and allow a few luxuries during your day. For example, take a favorite food for lunch, or splurge and buy your favorite cold drink from the beverage cart or machine. If you give yourself little treats during the day, the urge to go outside and be free will go away for a little while.