How to Have a Sunny Mindset in the Dead of Winter

girl smiling

With the excitement of the holiday season behind us and a few chilly months ahead of us, it’s difficult to maintain a sunny mindset in the dead of winter.

However, letting the winter doldrums get the best of your spirits affects your health, relationships with loved ones, and your overall quality of life.

It’s important to keep a positive mindset, even when it takes a little more concerted effort, so that you’re able to appreciate all of the great things this time of year offers—such as new beginnings and changes the New Year brings, and returning to a stable routine.

Start your day off with a positive mantra

Getting out of bed when your blankets are so warm and the air is so chilly can be tricky this time of year—however, your mood in the morning affects your attitude the rest of the day, so it’s important to start off on the right foot.

One idea is to have a positive mantra or quote that you say to yourself every morning before getting out of bed or one written on your bathroom mirror that provides a little extra motivation and positive thinking into your mind.

Make a conscious effort to smile

According to Psychology Today, the act of smiling physically affects your brain to increase your happiness. How awesome is that?!

So even if you’re not totally feeling your best, remember to smile. Not only will it impact your mood, but it will spread the positivity to others as well.

Even though it’s chilly, go outdoors

We’re blessed to live in an area where it never gets too cold. Even if it’s a little frigid, bundle up and enjoy some fresh air. Just being outdoors can lift your spirit and provide some extra energy.

Don’t hibernate

Staying cooped up, binge-watching Netflix is okay every now and then, but eventually you’ll start losing your desire to have human interaction…and that’s not beneficial to your overall wellbeing.

Be sure to socialize! Although it’s tempting to stay in, force yourself to meet up with friends—or at least invite them over.

Break a sweat

It’s no secret exercise releases endorphins—your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters. So if you start to feel sluggish or down in the dumps, put on those tennis shoes and break a sweat!

Check out this blog for fun ways to exercise!

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