Post Op Pearls Webinar: Share and Tell

Post Op Pearls panel members: Debbie, Chris, Kim Gail and Shirley

We couldn’t be more thrilled with the success of our second webinar titled,  Post-Op Pearls: Recovery, Healing, and Healthful Insights from Past Patients and Specialistswhich happened on Thursday, August 28th. During the hour long webinar our panel, which included both past patients and specialists, shared information, personal tips and stories, and answered questions about breast reconstruction surgery. We’ve received an overwhelming amount of emails from women sharing their thoughts and feelings about this event and we’ve shared them with you below.

” The preparation and recovery tips were most helpful to me at this time since I am having surgery this November. I receive lots of information on reconstruction online, from you, FORCE, Johns Hopkins, and family members doing research or going through diagnoses/treatment.The only thing I do not have my head wrapped around yet is the multiple steps to completion.  I am only allowing myself to deal with step one right now.  I will figure the rest (nipple/no nipples, touch up procedures, etc) out later.


” Just wanted to say how much my husband and I enjoyed the last webinar.  I liked hearing other patients comments on their recovery, it helps you know that your recovery is normal.  Thanks to all of you for all you do for us, the patients and our family. You make something that started out “bad” turn into a very pleasant experience.  I know that people here in Lexington get tired of hearing me talk about ya’ll but they have also been passing on my experience to their friends and have been recommending ya’ll to anyone they know that can benefit from the God given talent the Dr. Kline and Dr. Craigie share with their patients.

 Thanks again for everything “

” The topics that interest me the most are about the options available to those who do not have the option for DIEP reconstruction.  What are the remaining options, how many stages will it take to get to a finished “product”; what complications might happen; recovery assistance, return to work timeline, and so on. Initially, I got my reconstruction information from my breast cancer surgeon and then local plastic surgeons.  When I researched those options on the Internet I found there were more options available than what was locally available.  In my area, there are no plastic surgeons as well trained and as skilled as Dr. Kline and Dr. Craigie.  I have found the information provided by everyone at The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction to be outstanding. The doctors and all of the staff are so willing to provide all the pros and cons of procedures and situations. They make recommendations that may or may not fit one’s situation but that information can be reviewed and let the individual make their own informed choice.  For me they have been the “light at the end of the tunnel. “

 I think the webinars are very helpful.  I only wish the person talking could be seen “live”.  The PowerPoint is helpful but would be so much more enhanced if one could see the actual speaker. I would like to learn more about the what is too much to expect from reconstruction surgery.  I was not eligible for a DIEP and had a I-GAP at one hospital and an S-GAP with Dr. Kline.  The S-GAP went so much better.  Now he is cleaning up all the mess from the I-GAP.  What type of breast volume, project, and shape is realistic under such circumstances?  I know each is unique to the individual, I’m throwing out this as a question on general terms. After bad experiences, I trolled the Internet to find doctors that could perform the type of reconstruction I wanted and needed.  I only found a couple of groups that fit my criteria. The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction fit my criteria.  What questions should a breast cancer patient list/ask and have answered when seeking someone to provide the most options for reconstruction? I love all of you.  

You are the best!!!  So is East Cooper Hospital!!!! “

Through webinars we are able to continue our mission to help hundreds of women understand their breast reconstruction options and make informed choices about the option that fits in their lives. Whether you joined us live, listened to the replay, or regrettably missed out, we encourage you to share feedback and let us know what aspects of breast reconstruction you want to know about so we can serve you better. We’re sure to be hosting another webinar in the near future so stay tuned, you don’t want to miss out!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or send our team an email today!