Post Operative Care Tips From Our Team

Healing TimeOur team is constantly being approached with questions on the healing process and post operative care after breast reconstruction surgery. We strive to provide our patients with the information to ensure they achieve the most optimal surgical experience. For Today’s Ask The Doctor post, we are sharing with you some steps and tips we have to help our patients improve their post surgery recovery and healing time !

After Surgery

Family members will receive periodic updates during your surgery.

Following the procedure, you will be moved to a special unit in the hospital where you will be connected to monitoring equipment. There, nurses trained in post operative care of breast reconstruction will monitor you at all times.  Family members can see you during visiting hours.

You will also receive an informative sheet that discusses your specific information and post-operative care.  This likely will include information concerning drain care; it is very important to monitor flow from the drains in a 24-hour period. This guides us on when to remove them.  You will also have a kind of thermometer on your chest, which monitors the flap.  Other specifics and information will be provided in your post-operative packets.

As You Heal

Family and Friends:
Support from loved ones is very helpful. But understand that comments they may make during your recovery can cause you concern. Remember this: We will tell you honestly how you are doing and what we expect your result will be.  Please trust in our knowledge and experience when we discuss your progress with you.

You will heal! How quickly depends on factors your genetic background, your overall health and your lifestyle (exercise, smoking, drinking, etc.). Many people believe the surgeon “heals” the patient.  No person can make another heal. Dr Craigie and Dr Kline can facilitate, but not accelerate, the healing process.  But you play the starring role, so your cooperation is key.

You may find swelling of your new breast and abdomen (DIEP) or buttock (GAP) to be troublesome and your clothes may not fit.  Be patient, this swelling will gradually subside and you will feel better in a few weeks.  There will be a certain amount of tightness in the area where the flap was taken from.  This will slowly relax in a few months.

Following Instructions:
Another way to improve healing is by following the instructions given by Dr. Craigie and Dr. Kline’s staff.  We believe “the difference is in the details” and strive to achieve the best possible results for you.  It is imperative that you act as a partner in this process — not a passive participant.  The instructions are designed to give you the best opportunity for healing without delay or surprise.

Click here for a complete list of post surgery healing and recovery tips and instructions.

Have questions about post operative breast reconstruction? Or questions in general? Join us on August 28th for our Post Op Pearls Webinar.



The 2012 Charleston Dragon Boat Festival

We at The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction were thrilled to sponsor the DBC survivor team Paddles n’ Pearls at this year’s fifth annual Dragon Boat Festival on Saturday, May 5th. This year’s event raised a record breaking $108,000 dollars to nurture the warrior spirit of those fighting cancer. This years goal was $75,000 and to it say it was surpassed is an understatement!

46 teams made up of 20 people each, on colorful boats, competed in a 250 meter race across the Ashley River.   Some of the team members partaking in the race are supporting the cause, other having previously battled cancer, while some are even currently undergoing treatment.  The spirit of this event is to unleash your inner warrior. The fight against cancer should not be something a cancer warrior fights alone, however  it should be fought with a team—made up of loved ones supporting you and helping you navigate along the way.

The crowd ranges from college students to those in their 80’s and 90’s and a great time is had by all. This year the weather was perfect and we couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon. We can already say that we are looking forward to next year and hope to see you there!

Check out our Facebook page to see all the fun our team had while sponsoring this year’s event!