14 Holiday Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank


During the holidays, there’s a lot of pressure to give your loved ones the perfect gift.

However, on your quest to finding the best presents, you may find yourself with an empty wallet.

Starting off the New Year with maxed-out credit cards and a load of stress isn’t a great way to start 2016.

The holiday season doesn’t mean you have to overstretch your means—it just takes a little creativity and harnessing your talents.

Take advantage of these 14 easy and low-cost ways to spread the holiday cheer without running up your credit lines:

  1. Bake and decorate some holiday treats.
  1. Knit or crochet a scarf, mittens, or hat.
  1. Scrapbook a photo album with special memories of you and your loved one.
  1. Are you a painter? Paint a picture that would fit well in their home.
  1. Make an epic playlist.
  1. Paint wine glasses or coffee mugs with cute sayings.
  1. Decorate ornaments.
  1. Gift homemade soap.
  1. Make chocolate-covered strawberries or pretzels.
  1. Fill mason jars with the recipient’s favorite bite-sized treats.
  1. Make a pedicure kit with a mini nail polish bottle, nail file, and buffer.
  1. Create a bath basket—with soap, a loofah, and crystals from the dollar store.
  1. Put a DVD or $10 movie gift certificate in a popcorn bucket.
  1. Frame a favorite picture.

We’d love to hear your holiday budget-saving tips below!

Charleston Holiday Gift Guide

basket weaverAfter much deliberation, the team at Natural Breast Reconstruction has officially made the decision on this year’s best holiday gift to give your loved ones, friends, and colleagues.  Not just an ordinary holiday gift–a holiday gift from the Holy City.

We Charlestonians have many beloved traditions to uphold, so this was no simple task. However, we have come to a conclusion. This year’s #1 Charleston holiday gift goes to (drum roll) the Charleston Gift Basket!

This is no ordinary gift basket. This is a cornucopia of original Charleston fare and–well, let’s face it, nothing says Charleston like a handmade sweetgrass basket:

Sweetgrass Basket (price: $25- $1000) African art that was brought to Charleston by enslaved West Africans.  The sweetgrass basket was originally designed as a tool in the production and harvesting of rice and is only made in Charleston.

Other favorites that made our favorite list:

Dancin’ Goat ($12.99-$29.99)–Goats milk facial and body products from local farmer on Johns Island.  All natural, healthy, and made with love from Charleston goats.

Carolina Gold Plantation Rice (price: $13) — As early as the 1690s, rice began to grow as South Carolina’s leading export crop. The most famous variety grown was calledCarolina Gold” and is considered to be the grandfather of long grain rice in the Americas.

Benne Seed Wafers (price: $5.95) — Toasted sesame seed cookies, Benne Seed Wafers are a classic Charleston tradition brought to America from East Africa during the 17th century. A little buttery, a little sweet and a little crunchy, many think Benne’s are the perfect cookie.

American Classic Tea (price: $8.95) — Grown on Wadmalaw Island, this tea is the freshest tea you can purchase, because it’s the only tea grown here in America!

Do you have other holiday gifts unique to Charleston? Please share ideas below!