Ask The Doctor-What would you recommend for a breast that sits under my arm?

pink-flower-1376025-639x426This week, James E. Craigie, MD, of The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction answers your question.

Question: I had reconstruction on both breasts in the past 2 year. The left one sits under my arm, and I’m constantly pull it out. Neither look good to me, and I getting fat nacrosis in both. What would you recommend?

Answer: Thank you for your question. I’m sorry you are having problems with your reconstruction. In order to give you specific information, I would need to get the details of what type of breast reconstruction you had. At the Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction, we deal with all types of problems women may have while they are going through breast reconstruction after mastectomy. When women feel that their reconstructed breasts are too far under their arms, we can sometimes resolve that problem with surgery. Dealing with fat necrosis is also not unusual and may also involve surgery to remove it. You may have already discussed these issues with your surgeon who performed your surgery. If not, I strongly recommend you do. If you would like more information from me, let me know—I can have one of our staff contact you for more information. Eventually I would need to see photos of your reconstruction or see you for consultation.

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How Long Does a DIEP Flap Procedure Take? What Is the Recovery Time?

This week Charleston breast surgeons Dr. James Craigie and Dr. Richard M. Kline, Jr. of The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction answer your questions about DIEP flap surgery. 


Q: Approximately how long does the DIEP flap surgery take on one breast?


A: Thanks for your question.

A unilateral DIEP typically takes from 3-6 hours, depending on whether you already have had a mastectomy, and on how complicated the microvascular anatomy of your particular flap turns out to be.

Richard M. Kline, MD

Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction

Q: I do not personally know anyone that has had DIEP flap surgery. What should I expect within the first two to three weeks of recovery after DIEP flap surgery?

A: The first 4 days will be in the hospital, the next three weeks you will be very mobile but no driving. After one month your drains will be out and you will feel much better. Over the next 6-8 weeks you should be getting back to normal. Let me know we will be glad to let you talk to one of our patients who is in a similar situation.

See you soon.

James E Craigie, MD

Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction

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