Will An SGAP Procedure Help With My Lymphedema?

sgapThe following submission below is answered by Dr. Richard M. Kline Jr., MD, of The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction.

Will a SGAP help with lymphedema?

There is some indication that patients with lymphedema may benefit from having an autogenous reconstruction, and this is one reason why we have elected in our practice not to perform vascularized lymph node transfer at the same time as breast reconstruction.

About Our Procedures

Microsurgery has come a long way since its invention by vascular surgeons in the 1960s. The term refers to any surgery involving a surgical microscope. And it has found one of its best applications in breast reconstruction. Through microsurgery, our skilled surgeons are able to harvest healthy tissue from one part of a womans body and reattach it to the breast area. Through the careful process of attaching blood vessels, microsurgery allows patients to have natural looking breasts made from their own, living tissue. Another benefit is the minimized impact and injury to muscles, allowing patients to enjoy a faster, fuller recovery.

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