Meditation 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Clearing the Mind

Have you ever meditated? Those who practice meditation regularly say that it keeps them grounded, helps them focus and stay calm, and clears their minds. Others use it as a deep spiritual practice.

There is no wrong way to learn how to meditate, but for those who would like some guidance to start, here are a few ideas to get the maximum meditation benefits.

Decide why you want to meditate.

If you have a particular goal for your meditation practice, you’ll find your ideal way of clearing your mind. Do you wish to stop your day and give back to yourself? Is stress relief an objective? Have you felt the need to connect with yourself or the universe? Your reason for meditating does not need to be complex; it simply needs to resonate deeply with you.

Choose your time and place.

You want a meditation space that is yours and that you can visit regularly. Many beginning meditators make the mistake of trying to center themselves in a noisy area of their homes during a busy time for their families. It may be that you’ll need to wake up early or go to bed late to create the time to for your meditation practice.

Make the effort to be as still and silent as possible during your practice. Later, you’ll want to add some distraction to your safe place to help you get used to controlling your mind during meditation.

Be sure you are as alert as possible.

Meditation is relaxing, and it’s not always necessary for you to stay awake during your practice time, but you want to be as alert as you can be when you begin. Alcohol and medication may not be the best aids for you when meditating, but it’s even more important that you establish a regular habit, even if you’re not in an ideal place to do it.

Simply sit.

The easiest way to start meditating is to become at ease with yourself in the silence. While wearing something comfortable, go to your meditation space with a candle. Light the candle, sit in a comfortable position (but not so comfortable that you go to sleep) on the floor or in a chair, and concentrate on the flame. Try to clear your mind. You’ll find that the most powerful yet relaxing meditation occurs in the space between thoughts.

Mind your breath.

Breathe from your stomach (diaphragm), not your lungs. Inhale and exhale fully and deeply. Notice as much as you can about where you are. What scents do you detect while breathing? What does the air feel like as it enters your body? Any time you feel your thoughts wandering, and they will while meditating, come back to your breath, and focus on it.

There is no perfect way to meditate. It doesn’t matter what you wear, what you think about, or what you tell yourself. What matters is that your mind is calm and rested and you feel centered and more alive.


Have you ever done meditation for beginners?

What was your main reason for starting your practice?