New Social Network for Women Facing Breast Cancer

Heads up—there’s a new social network in town, and The Center of Natural Breast Reconstruction couldn’t be happier to share the news!

My Breast Cancer Team (MyBCTeam) is a brand-new social network open to women recently diagnosed with breast cancer, those currently in treatment, and even women 15 years out from treatment. MyBCTeam enables women to find others just like them, share experiences, tips and referrals and make real, lasting connections with other women who have been in their shoes.

Other features of the social network include:

  • Activity Page: The heartbeat of the site, where women share their ups and downs with each other. Triumphs are cheered and challenging moments are supported.
  • Find People: Women can search for other women by diagnosis (both stage and type) and also by age and location.
  • Provider Directory: A searchable directory (by keyword and location) of a variety of providers, submitted by women, specializing in breast cancer treatments.
  • The Team: Users share the team of providers who have helped them during and after treatment—from an oncology radiologist to a breast reconstruction surgeon to hair stylist. Women can also add other women they find supportive to their team, offering another great way to connect.
  • Q & A: This searchable database is a forum for questions and answers submitted by the community of women.
  • Pinboard: A discovery area where women visually share their journey with breast cancer and treatment. Pins can include ways of managing their self-image, recipes, family photos, or places they’d like to travel after treatment.
  • “Hug” Button: The unique “hug” button is used to show empathy and understanding to other women. Women can also choose to “like” someone else’s status, story, or photo to show their approval.
  • Mobile App: Gives women the ability to ask questions and connect to the community wherever they are. The freeMyBCTeam app is available on iOS and Android devices.


Connect and share with other women with breast cancer at