Halloween Events in Charleston


Looking for fun Halloween events in Charleston?

The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction team absolutely loves this time of year, which is why we’re sharing a list of some our favorite fall happenings!

From ghostly shows to haunted tours, we’ve got you covered on some upcoming activities to enjoy this Halloween season.

Hope you have spook-tacular Halloween!

October 1-31—“The Original” Haunted Pub Tour

On this 2.5-hour walking tour, hear ghostly tales and enjoy brews and beverages while you experience one of the oldest parts of Charleston. You will stop by 3-5 locations. Appetizers will be included at some of the stops, and you’ll have the opportunity to purchase some local craft beers or cocktails. 

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October 14-November 1—Little Shop of Horrors

This musical comedy from the book written by Howard Ashman will absolutely dazzle you. With stunning special effects of man-eating plants taking over the neighborhood, it’s a must-see show this Halloween season!

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October 24, 31—The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

In this hilarious Halloween haunt, Washington Irving’s classic tale takes the Dock Street Theatre stage for two performances this month. This comedy show is perfect for the whole family, and both showtimes begin at 3:00 p.m.

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October 29-31The Addams Family at Woolfe Street

Looking for some HALLOWEEN FUN? Come see The Addams Family at the Woolfe Street Playhouse. The Village Teen Troupe, a group of talented, local youth will perform in this hauntingly hilarious musical. Show begins at 6 p.m. each night. Matinee at 2 p.m. on October 31.

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Did we miss one of your favorite Charleston Halloween events? Share below!

Trick or Treat: The Best Candy Shops in Charleston

Trick or Treat

Image Above Taken From: Christophe Artisan Chocolatier – Patissier

Happy Halloween, from all of us here at The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction! In the spirit of the season, we’ve compiled Charleston’s most delectable shops where you’re sure to find a holiday indulgence for yourself or for trick-or-treaters!

Robot Candy Company:  If you have young children or grandchildren, nieces or nephews, treat them to a trip to Robot Candy Company on 322 King Street this Halloween. With toys and sweets galore, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a place that sings more to a child’s heart. You can even pick up a little candy for yourself!
Charleston Candy Kitchen:Looking for a little something to pass out to your neighborhood trick-or-treaters? Check out Charleston Candy Kitchen. Though the shop is renowned for its homemade taffy, it’s also lined with shelves and barrels of colorful serve-yourself candy. They even have caramel-dipped apples, hand-dipped berries and nuts, truffles, and gelato. Stop by 32 North Market Street and discover the spoils for yourself!

Kilwins Chocolates:Chocolate, toffee, caramel, saltwater taffy, brittle, and fudge—if you can crave it, Kilwins Chocolates has it! Since 2001, this little chocolate and ice cream shop on 59 South Market Street has been innovating new ways to make our mouths water! For a seasonal treat, try the pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin walnut fudge, or Kilwins Tuttles, a rich concoction of chocolate, caramel, and your favorite nut!

  • Christophe Artisan Chocolatier-Pâtissier: Christophe Paume is a third-generation French chocolatier, who grew up in his father’s pâtisserie in Toulouse, France. Alongside his father, he learned to create artisan chocolates that are just as beautiful as they are delectable. The French chocolatier showcases his artistry on 90 Society Street in Charleston, where you can check out the array of hand-painted truffles, chocolate bars, chocolate sculptures, and chocolate orange peels—your sweet tooth will thank you!
  • Market Street Sweets: On 100 North Market Street in Charleston, you’ll find all the treats you could dream of for the spooky season. Try their Pumpkin & Pumpkin Pecan Fudge, Fall Chocolate Caramel Apples, or Pumpkin Pralines! One thing’s for sure: you won’t leave this sweet shop empty-handed!

What is your favorite Halloween treat?

How to Enjoy Halloween without Gaining Candy Weight

halloween candyHalloween tests everyone’s resolve to stay on track with his or her healthy eating programs. Even if you’ve been good all year, you may be tempted to snack on a few too many candy bars. Following are a few tips to enjoy some candy without regretting it later.

Eat dinner right before you take the kids trick-or-treating.

You and the kids will all be less tempted to sneak a few treats from goodie bags if you’re still full from dinner. If you’re the one giving the treats, remembering that you just ate may help you stay out of the treat bowl.

Offer higher quality treats to those who come to your door.

Instead of the typical chocolaty, sugar-heavy treats, think outside the box. Offer dark chocolate, fruit roll-ups, and snack-sized boxes of raisins and dried fruit. You may be less tempted to snack, and even if you do, you won’t be doing much damage.

Eat a healthy treat and drink a glass of water before eating candy.

If you’ve decided you want one of those Snickers bars, eat a handful of baby carrots or an apple and drink a glass of water before opening the candy wrapper. You’ll be less likely to eat too much candy because the healthy snack and water will help fill you up.

To make this step even more effective, distract yourself by doing something else for 20–30 minutes before eating the candy. Your stomach will have time to signal your brain that you’re not hungry, and that distraction might last longer than 30 minutes. If it does, and you decide you still want the Snickers, start over with the healthy snack and water.

Keep candy out of sight.

If the kids want to enjoy their candy longer than one night, ration the amount that they can keep and have them put it out of your sight. You can remove the excess from the house the next morning.

Give it away.

If candy is out of the house completely, you can’t eat it. Take it to work, drop it off at a food bank or church, or give it to a neighbor. If possible, gather it up and get rid of it the next morning. The sooner it’s gone, the sooner you won’t have to deal with the temptation.

The holidays coming up are hard enough to manage weight wise without adding an extra few days of eating candy at Halloween. What tips for avoiding Halloween weight gain can you add?