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breast cancer survivor

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Dear Sister in this Journey,

My name is Shirley. I have just undergone a double mastectomy and breast reconstructive surgery as a result of having breast cancer. I am one of the fortunate ones who did not have to endure chemotherapy, as well.

My cancer was in my left breast, but I chose to have a double mastectomy to mitigate future risk of recurrence.  Based on the reputation and firsthand knowledge I had of Dr. Kline and Dr. Craigie, I chose the Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction to take care of my small, but precious bosoms.

Once the decision was made to move forward with bilateral DIEP reconstruction surgery, I was given a patient handbook that provided information about what to do pre and post surgery. No offense to the medical team that put together a technically comprehensive document, but boy did they leave out a lot of information that would have been helpful! The kinds of things that, really, only a patient would know.

So, I thought I’d write about my personal experiences to share with others—maybe it will help those who are about to undergo a DIEP reconstruction procedure to be more prepared and know more about what to expect. If you would like a copy of my booklet, get in touch with the center at www.naturalbreastreconstruction.com, they’ll be happy to give you one.

It’s all from my perspective and I hope it helps in understanding what will happen. And I hope it helps keep others positive as they face the surgery.

Good luck on your Journey!

Most sincerely,

Shirley Trainor-Thomas

Breast Cancer Survivor

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Survivor

Reconstruction Success Story

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  1. If you would like a copy of Shirley’s guide….just e-mail us at blog@naturalbreastreconstruction.com and we’ll be happy to mail you a copy free of charge.

  2. Tamara G. says:

    I’m a breast reconstruction patient as well, Dr. Craigie and his team will be performing stage two on me this thursday I’m a bit nervous about the procedure but I’m excited about having real breast again. Shirley’s book is the tell all book that gave an amazing description of what you would endure. I was able to relate to the majority of the feeling that she experienced. I believe that future patient will enjoy this tell all book.

    • Hi Tamara! We’re so happy to hear that Shirley’s book helped you to gain an understanding of what to expect and we hope that it will give other women the same understanding. We wish you the best of luck on Thursday–you will do GREAT!