How to Have the Perfect At-Home Spa Day

There is nothing more relaxing than a day at the spa.

Not to mention, it helps you rest and unwind after a long week of work, chasing your kids around the house, or whatever else it is that you do on a weekly basis.

The only problem is that going to a professional spa can cost a lot of money.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with treating yourself every once in a while, but for most people, going for a spa treatment on a weekly basis is simply out of the budget.

For that reason, we at The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction want to share with you how to have the perfect at-home spa day.

Our at-home version is just as fun, will make you feel just as relaxed, and can be thrown together for a fraction of what a day at the actual spa would cost.

Follow these steps for a perfect at-home spa day that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.

Step 1: Prepare Your Favorite Beverage

Most spas will have fancy fruit-infused waters or teas available for guests to drink when they arrive for their appointment. So, to begin your at-home spa session, grab a cup of your favorite beverage—coffee, tea, juice…even wine! We don’t judge!

Step 2: Start with a Face Mask

A face mask is an inexpensive way to rejuvenate your skin and leave your face feeling fresh.

You can purchase premade masks at just about any grocery store or skin care shop for under $5. Or, if you prefer to make your own, simply mix together 1 tbs. of coconut oil with ¼ tsp. of turmeric.

This simple 2-ingredient face mask recipe is great for hydrating your skin and reducing blemishes.

Step 3: Soak Your Feet in a Footbath

From walking all over the place to being crammed in high heels, our feet take a beating every day. This is why it’s so important to give your feet a break and soak them in a footbath.

You can buy a more expensive foot bath at the store for between $60 and $100. If you’re someone who constantly has sore feet, this might be a good investment for you.

However, if you’re only planning on enjoying a good foot soak once in a blue moon, a simple bucket will work just fine. All you have to do is fill a bucket with warm water, add some Epsom salts (you can find this at the grocery store) and let your feet soak for 15-20 minutes.

If you want to get really crazy, you can also add in some essential oils. We personally love adding about 3 drops of peppermint oil into our footbaths.

Step 4: Take a Hot Bath

If more than your feet need a good soak, we recommend that you fill a tub with nice hot water and take a bath.

Be sure to dim the lights, light candles, grab your favorite book, or turn on some soothing music. It’s such a good feeling to be able to separate yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and lock yourself away in a cozy warm bath for an hour or so.

If you’d like, you can add some of the Epsom salts you used in your footbath to the water. These salts are known to help ease sore muscles and help you relax. Or, if you want to do something different, use a delightful-smelling bath bomb to make your bath time a little more special.

Step 5: Finish with Polished Nails

Most ladies have a few bottles of nail polish floating around the house. But here’s the question…how often have you been able to take the time to sit down and actually use them?

Make time after your relaxing bath to end your night with a manicure or pedicure.

Put on a pair of cozy pajamas, pick your favorite nail polish color, and go to town! While your nails are drying, indulge in some senseless TV, read a magazine, or play a game on your phone. It’s all about giving yourself the time to do what makes you happy.

Do you have any at-home spa rituals you love? Share them with us in the comments below!

Visit the Spa from the Comfort of Your Home: DIY Spa Treatments

spa treatmentsYou don’t need to drive to the spa to enjoy its therapeutic, mood-enhancing benefits—you can relax at home and enjoy a spa atmosphere and treatments with just a little creativity.

Choose a time when you’ll be alone.

Part of the allure of the spa is having time to yourself, so for your at-home spa experience, choose a time when you’ll have no distractions. Plan it for a weekend your spouse will be away. Try a DIY spa day while the kids are in school, or ask other family members to take them for an evening. If your dog never leaves your side, take him to doggie daycare for a few hours and let him play his little heart out while you relax.

Set the mood.

Candles, soft music, a glass of wine, some delicious chocolate, and incense will help you create a spa-like mood. In fact, your favorite spa might sell you some of their incense or candles to help you create your home spa. Some women love to play ocean waves or nature sounds while they pamper themselves.

Soak in a luxurious, hot bubble bath.

Find a bubble bath scent you love and slip into the tub with your wine and a good book, or simply lie back and let the fragrant bubbles soak your cares away. A good bathtub pillow will help you feel like you’re at the spa.

Indulge in a decadent facial.

The at-home options for facials are limitless: you can buy products from your spa, you can find amazing facials and masks at beauty supply stores, or you can create your own with ingredients from your kitchen or supermarket. The right facial is refreshing not only for your face, but for your soul.

Try a paraffin manicure or pedicure.

You can buy a paraffin warmer inexpensively and use it while giving yourself a manicure or pedicure. Splurge on your favorite nail polish and hand cream, or buy a pedicure kit. You’ll love doing it yourself while sipping wine and listening to your favorite music.

Make it a friends’ day out.

If you prefer to go to the spa with friends, have a spa party at home instead. Ask each friend to bring a delicious treat or bottle of wine and their favorite home spa treatment. You’ll love trying something new, and they’ll cherish the time spent with you.

What’s your favorite part of an at-home spa day?