Date Ideas with an Extra Dose of Love

roseSo “that” day is rapidly approaching.

You know the day I’m talking about…the one with the extra high expectations and all the surrounding hoopla. Yep, that’s the one: Valentine’s Day.

All right, ladies, it’s time to drop some not-so-subtle hints to our significant others.

Sure, carnations and chocolates are nice, but it’s time for a change.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been happily married for 20 years or just “in like” with someone, you deserve a date that involves truly spending time with one another.

So it’s time to work our female super powers. Here are 5 unique date ideas that—if you spin the right way—your date may think he came up with all on his own:

1. Plan a picnic

This one is an oldie but goodie. If you’re in Charleston and it’s not too windy, nothing says romance like a basket full of food, a blanket, and a bottle of wine.

2. Make an evening of it

Drinks, dinner, and dessert are a classic for Valentine’s Day. But why not make it an event? Have a night mapped out where you go to a different restaurant for each course. It makes the date last longer and shows you put a lot of thought into the occasion. Make sure you hint that he needs to get reservations, or else you’ll be hopping around burger joints!

3. Take a cooking class

Want to get to know someone better? Need to rekindle with your loved one? An activity, like taking a cooking class together, is a fun way to let loose and connect. If you are in Charleston, we suggest Charleston cooks! Maverick Kitchen Store.

4. Go ice-skating

Ice-skating is the perfect date for the two of you to get slightly out of your comfort zone. Not to mention great practice for learning how to support one another! Make sure you check Carolina Ice Palace’s public skating times.

5. Girls’ night

Don’t think we forgot about you, single ladies! Don’t fret if your prince charming hasn’t arrived. Pedicures, wine, and chocolate with your best girlfriends are definitely on the list this Valentine’s Day.

Have other great date ideas? Please share below!

Rekindle the Romance

At The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction,  we know every day is a gift, and nothing makes life more meaningful than time spent with the ones we love. It’s easy to get lost in the bustle of daily life, though, and let the moments and feelings we cherish go uncelebrated.

Luckily, we’ve found some tried-and-true tips to keep the romantic fires blazing in our own love lives. Here are some simple ways you can show your partner they are loved and appreciated, and reignite the romance:

Plan a date-night: Nothing fans the flame more than an old-fashioned date. Make time every week to hit the town or stay in for a movie-night with your main squeeze. It’s important to reserve time to relish each other’s company, and dates keep even long-term relationships feeling young and fresh.

  • Choose your battles: Sure, even the most passionate, loving couples have their ups and downs. Keep in mind that not every disagreement is worthy of a full-blown discussion, and when they do merit one, always be considerate and willing to listen to the other side. Arguments can have lasting effects on relationships, so be sure that even when you disagree, you do so from a willingness to understand your partner.
  • Show each other off: Change up the scenery, and view each other in new contexts and situations. Sometimes it’s necessary to get out of your comfort zone to appreciate what you have. Next time you’re at an office party or social gathering, give each other some space to mingle, and steal glances from across the room. You’ll quickly see the traits that drew you to each other all those years ago.
  • Be spontaneous: Surprise your mate with small gifts—a favorite dessert, breakfast in bed, or a little note on the fridge.  Maybe just steal a kiss when they least expect it. Whatever you do, remember these small gestures of affection can leave a big impact, especially in long-term relationships.

What are some ways you fan the romantic flame?