New Year’s Resolutions That Are FUN


New Year’s Resolutions don’t always have to be a drag.

You shouldn’t enter the New Year full of dread and anxiety—it should be full of hope and excitement.

If vowing to lose weight this year is just not getting you excited for 2016, it’s time to rethink resolutions.

Why not make a New Year’s resolution that is fun?

If you’re looking to shake up your resolutions, we thought up some awesome (and attainable) ideas.

Plan a weekly date night

Want to keep that spark alive with your significant other for 2016? Make it a priority to have a date night each week. Sound expensive? It doesn’t have to be!

Some date nights can be simply putting your phones away, turning off the TV, lighting some candles, and enjoying dinner together at home.

Enjoy time with friends

With all the commitments of everyday life, it’s easy to let friendships take a back seat. However, friends are such important relationships to maintain—they help you relax and laugh and support you in tough times. Suggest to your friends that your group start a monthly girls’ night!

Plan an outdoor activity each week

Trying to disconnect more from technology this year? Plan an outdoor activity once a week. Fresh air and enjoying the outdoors can be incredibly beneficial for our health. Here are some ideas:

  • Hiking
  • Neighborhood walk
  • Outdoor picnic
  • Bike ride
  • Bonfire
  • Mini golf
  • Visiting local parks

Play with your kids

As adults, sometimes we forget just how much fun participating in kid-centric activities actually is! Get lost in your kid’s imaginary world, don’t worry about being messy during craft time, and climb in that tunnel slide with him or her!

Make a froyo bar

Make a homemade “froyo” bar once a week! Decide on a certain night of the week, and make it a tradition. Set up a different frozen yogurt flavors and toppings. What a yummy resolution!

Create a movie bucket list

Create a movie bucket list of all the films you’ve been meaning to watch. Better yet—get your friends involved and create the ultimate movie list.

Plan a trip

Make an effort to plan that trip you’ve always wanted to go on. Start saving, buy travel books, book your tickets, and make hotel reservations. Bon voyage!

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Make 2015 Your Year

apple with measuring tape around itOkay, dear reader, we’re taking 2015 by the horns. Sure, we may have had one too many Christmas cookies over the past month (okay, maybe the whole box), but we’re declaring that it all stops NOW!

Let’s get ourselves looking and feeling better in 2015. What do you say—you in? Really, how great would it be to be prepared for beach season before it rears its ugly head?

We’re in this with you. So let’s come up with some strategies to help us reach our goals…

Portion Control

Keeping portions to a smaller serving size can be tough, especially when restaurants provide heaping helpings. The best method to prevent overindulging: plan ahead. Before you head to a restaurant, check out their menu online and decide ahead of time what you are going to order to prevent last minute temptations.

Another tip is to ask for a box when your meal comes to the table, and immediately put half of it in a to-go box for your next meal. If you have trouble oversnacking at work, put your meals and snacks in presized containers.

Stay Hydrated

We cannot reiterate this one enough. Drinking water has been proven to help weight loss efforts. Set consumption goals to remind yourself to keep the aqua coming. Drink 2 cups of water before each meal to fill you up, or drink out of a 2-liter bottle to help you keep track! In addition, drinking tea also helps you consume H2O with some added health benefits.

Rid Your Body of Sugar

One of the best things you can do for your health is reducing or avoiding sugar. Your body does not need sugar in the form we typically eat it.

Yes, your body uses glucose, but any carbohydrate you eat is broken down to glucose, so vegetables and grains give you everything you need. Simple carbs like candy, cola, and fruit juice are unnecessary and cause weight gain, sluggishness, and many other problems in the body.

Eliminating sugar from your diet will help you sleep better, feel more energized, experience happier moods, and flaunt better skin and hair—the only thing to lose are the pounds!

Talk to a Professional

It’s okay to ask for help! Take your concerns to a dietitian, who has the medical background to help you make the most successful plan for your overall wellness. Working with a professional will help you learn why you should and shouldn’t eat certain food. It also helps to have someone to check in with about your weight loss.

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Stop Smoking: Make It More Than a New Year’s Resolution

breaking a cigaretteUnfortunately, we can’t live in our parent’s blissful ignorance anymore. And it’s  not news that smoking is bad for your health.

If you are a smoker, quitting isn’t as easy as cutting out sugar or making a commitment to walk three times a week.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of realistic ways to stop smoking. We aren’t talking quitting as a New Year’s resolution. We mean making an actual lifestyle change. So if you wake up on February 2and decide that is the day to quit, don’t let the fact that the New Year has passed stop you from making this change in your life.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Quitting smoking can be overwhelming because nicotine is incredibly addictive. Being able to wean yourself off nicotine, without the harmful effects from carcinogens, can help raise your chances of not giving up on day one. Using patches or gum helps you fight cravings by getting a measured amount of nicotine. Both nicotine replacements have different dosages, so you can slowly cut back the amount of nicotine intake.

Prescription Drugs

There are many prescription drugs that can help you quit smoking. Some of the prescriptions are used along with nicotine replacement therapy, while others you need to start taking before “Quit Day.” These drugs help counteract certain chemicals in the brain to help ease cravings. As with all prescription medications, make sure you consult your doctor and are aware of any potential side effects.

Write It Down

Write down all of the reasons you want to quit smoking on notecards or on your phone. Is it for your children or to stop having to hide your habit? Anytime you’re feeling particularly weak, bring that list out. Remind yourself there is a good reason why you’re doing this, and that in time it will get easier.


You may know that acupuncture is often used to relieve medical ailments, but did you know it also might help you kick the habit? Treatments focus on jitters, cravings, irritability, and restlessness—all symptoms that commonly plague people who are trying to cease smoking.

Make a Plan

Do you know when you’re most likely to smoke? Make a plan to do something else during the times you would usually light up. Is it after dinner? Try making a hot cup of green tea instead. Is it after work? Go for a walk. Is it with a cup of coffee? Take a cup of coffee with you on a walk. Other methods that may help are to keep your mouth busy: chew gum, snack on sunflower seeds, always have a drink like flavored water or tea.

Read more about how smoking may increase breast cancer risk.


Resolutions 101: How to Actually Keep Your Resolutions This Year

8242590657_89f52abeee_oDon’t shoot the messenger, but it’s that time of year again. You know what I’m talking about—it’s time to make this year’s New Year’s Resolution. Before you start groaning about resolution failures of years past, we are here to help. We have set up 4 methods to SUCCEED this time.

Honestly, this time of year can be really refreshing. It’s a whole new start. If you had a not-so-stellar last year, here’s your chance to shake it off (excuse the Taylor Swift reference) and be a new and improved you!

Make It with a Friend

When someone else is holding you accountable, it’s much easier to stay motivated. Choose a friend who has a similar goal, and be each other’s support group! If your resolution is to go to the gym 3 times each week, going together will raise the odds of sticking to your mission. The two of you could even come up with a rewards system. After 4 weeks of going to the gym 3 times a week, treat yourselves to a mani/pedi or a round of golf!

Make It Realistic

Did swearing off all foods except fruits and vegetables not turn out how you planned last year? Make this year’s resolution something that is challenging but still maintainable with your lifestyle. Instead of giving up everything, try eliminating just soda and sugar from your diet. And what happens if you blow it on week 2? DON’T STOP, just because you feel defeated! Realize that there may be slip-ups, but what matters is getting back on track right away.

Make It New

Have you not succeeded with the same resolution year after year? Get creative! Your resolution doesn’t always have to be about dieting or exercising. It can be as simple as vowing to be more patient with your in-laws (easier said than done!) or even keeping up with old friends. Choosing something you’ve never done before can help shake things up and help make your goals feel attainable.

Make It Your Own

Who says your resolution has to start January 1? Actually, that may not the best day to start a lifestyle change. If you’re a little under the weather from the parties the night before or if you still have a lot of holiday food lying around, you’re not setting yourself up for success. Choose a date like January 2 or the day you go back to work to start your resolution, so that you’re prepared and in a positive mindset.

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25 Fun New Year Resolutions

Every year, we make resolutions to do better in an area of our lives—and most of the time, they’re forgotten by the end of January. Why not make a fun resolution this year?

In 2014, resolve to…

  1. Eat one piece of good dark chocolate every day.
  2. Give and receive one hug and one kiss every day.
  3. Read one book for fun every month.
  4. Enjoy yourself on the weekends without worrying about work.
  5. Buy at least one bottle of wine you’ll enjoy (without worrying about the price tag).
  6. Tell one person you love him or her every day.
  7. Go outside and play at least once a week.
  8. Have a spa massage.
  9. Have a spa pedicure.
  10. Have a spa manicure.
  11. Have all three at once.
  12. Take your best friends out to dinner at least once.
  13. Allow them to take you out at least once.
  14. Buy yourself flowers for no reason.
  15. Buy that pair of earrings or that bracelet you’ve had your eye on.
  16. Eat ice cream. Whenever you like. For one week.
  17. Take up a new hobby. There’s something you’ve always wanted to try.
  18. Visit a state you’ve never been to.
  19. Point your car in one direction and drive for an hour. Stop the car, get out, and walk around. Just be in the moment and enjoy what you see.
  20. Play with a puppy or kitten.
  21. Play with a toddler.
  22. Turn up your radio and SING.
  23. Have a date night every week. If you’re single, have a date night a month with your friends.
  24. Listen and hear what people tell you.
  25. Open your heart to someone it was previously closed to.

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

How to Keep a New Year’s Resolution

It’s hardly surprising how quickly most of us tend to break our New Year’s resolutions (some before the end of January!). Yet each year, we take the time to reflect on our aspirations and set goals to improve our lives, even though less than 12% of resolution-makers succeed.

So what’s the secret to actually seeing these goals through?

If you really want to see results this year, it’s critical that you set your goals with sincerity, and concentrate on the intention of your resolutions. Read on to discover 5 ways to create attainable resolutions—and keeping them:

1. Be specific. A common mistake people make is setting ambiguous goals like, “I’ll lose weight.” Instead, make your resolution specific, with a tangible, achievable outcome. Determine how much weight you want to lose and what diet or exercise regime you will begin. Ask yourself, why do you want to lose weight, and what will you do once you reach your goal? Remember to visualize the good that will come when your desires are met.

2. Put it in writing. Write down your goals and outline the small, manageable steps you’ll take in order to achieve them. When you set a big goal, like learning how to silversmith, it can be overwhelming and frustrating if you don’t have a plan that lays out smaller steps toward achieving the larger goal. Plan ahead and focus on accomplishing one small thing at a time to keep yourself on track and optimistic.

3. Give yourself enough time. Be sure to set aside ample time for yourself to achieve your goals. If you want to exercise more, plot out time in your weekly schedule for runs and time at the gym. Additionally, you’ll want to make time to track your progress, either with monthly measurements, heart rate monitoring, or weigh-ins.

4. Find a partner. Having someone to keep you accountable is one of the key ingredients to changing your life. Try finding a friend who has a similar resolution, and check in with each other every week to talk about your progress and challenges. Or, ask a family member or significant other to keep you accountable—just make sure they’re supportive and encouraging. You can also seek professional assistance, such as a personal trainer to help you meet your fitness goals, or a tutor to help you finally learn French.

5. Take a deep breath. When you’re stressed or overwhelmed, it’s easy to get off track from your goals. Spend time every day collecting your thoughts and getting centered. You may try a breathing exercise, a scenic stroll, or even a little yoga. Be sure to push away self-sabotaging thoughts, such as: “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t do it.” The truth is, you can do it, but you have to fully channel all your intentions into achieving what you want.

What are your resolutions for 2013?


10 Easy Health Tips to Start the New Year Right

With 2013 right around the corner, it’s time to gear up for a year full of optimism and good health!

If you’ve been waiting to write your resolutions until last minute, consider incorporating any—or all—of these health tips into your plan for a shining new year:

1. Drink more water. Many of us may not even realize that we go through our entire day dehydrated. If you feel tired often, take a look at what you’re drinking during the day—dehydration is known to cause fatigue and muscle cramps. This coming year, make the resolution to drink more water. After all, it’s calorie-free and readily available.

2. Cut down on caffeine. Caffeine is fine for an early morning boost, but if you need a cup of joe, tea, or soda just to get your through the day, you’re training your body for dependence. In addition, too much caffeine can disrupt your sleep and lead to dehydration, so consider replacing one caffeinated beverage each day with a healthier alternative, such as water.

3. Get more beauty sleep. Make 2013 the year of feeling bright-eyed and busy-tailed by getting more sleep at night. A number of experts agree that we need seven to nine hours of sleep each night to feel adequately rested.

4. Celebrate in moderation. If you want to live a healthier lifestyle in the New Year, choose to celebrate in moderation and reduce your alcohol consumption.  Not only will you help keep your liver happy, but you’ll also avoid extra calories. Try to limit your intake to no more than one drink of alcohol per day (1 drink = 12oz. of beer, 5oz. of wine or 1.5 oz. of liquor).

5. Quit smoking. We’ve written extensively about how smoking can increase your risk of breast cancer and generally wreak havoc on your health. But a new year is as good a reason as any to finally kick the habit for good. If you need help, click here to read more about tobacco quitlines.

6. Walk more. Walking is a great and easy form of exercise. Not only does it burn calories, but it helps build muscle as well. It’s also low impact and most people can do it comfortably and effortlessly. If you’re looking to improve your health in the New Year, you don’t have to walk much; only 30 minutes a day at a brisk pace will dramatically improve cardiovascular health and help maintain a healthy weight.

7. Lift weights. Make the resolution to build your body’s strength this year with moderate weight training. Not only will you help protect your bones, but you’ll also prevent the muscle loss that occurs with aging. Try lifting weights or doing resistance exercises for 20 minutes 2 to 3 times per week to keep your body healthy and active.

8. Focus on eating in moderation. Forget the diets that pervade most people’s new year. If you deprive yourself too much and remain hungry all day, you’re more likely to overindulge, particularly in the evening. Focus on moderate eating by enjoying healthy, mini-meals every few hours to keep your energy up throughout the day.

9. Cut back on the sweets. Last year, nearly 2 million people were diagnosed with diabetes. Eating too much sugar or carbohydrates floods the body with insulin in response to the spike in blood sugar. In turn, this can lead to a condition called “insulin resistance.” Over time, insulin resistance may develop into type 2 diabetes. In 2013, do your body a huge favor by cutting back the sweets and increasing fiber to prevent insulin resistance and diabetes.

10. Take vitamins. Ask your doctor what nutrients you may be missing and how you may benefit from nutritional supplements. For example, if you’re a vegetarian, it’s important to make sure you get plenty of vitamin B12. You may find a daily multivitamin can help fill in the nutritional gaps within your diet.

What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2013? Share your aspirations in the comments section below!


How to Develop Effective New Year’s Resolutions That You Will Keep

new years resolutions‘Tis the season to make New Year’s resolutions, but all too often they’re broken within a few days or weeks. We came up with a few ways to help make resolutions that you’re more likely to keep.

Do you really need to make resolutions?

For some people, using the word resolution dooms their plans. Maybe you should create a plan, set a goal, or make a decision.

Write it down.

To be successful in hitting your goal or resolution, you need a written plan of action. Take 30 minutes and write down what you want, why you want it, and how you plan to reach it. When your motivation wanes in the coming weeks, you’ll have that to look back on.

Be realistic.

Is losing 50 pounds in 2012 a goal that you can see yourself reaching? How about quitting smoking for the 10th time, or exercising every day? Be honest with yourself and set a goal that you can hit. Maybe 25 pounds, cutting down to ½ pack a day, or exercising three times a week are more realistic goals right now.

Focus on the short term instead of the long term.

Look at what you can do now rather than what you plan to do 6 months or a year from now. Using the examples above, focus on the month of January instead of the entire year. Decide to lose a pound a week, cut down by two cigarettes a day, or take up a new activity like Zumba or walking the dog after dinner.

Break down your resolutions into bite-sized chunks instead of trying to choke down a big goal.

Expect that things may not go the way you planned.

Most good plans have a monkey wrench thrown in at some point, and your New Year’s resolution is no different. Maybe in March you’ll hit a weight loss plateau, or your plan to quit will go up in smoke—how will you handle it? You may decide to make diet or exercise changes, or you may decide to quit smoking again.

You need to be flexible enough to roll with the punches and not feel defeated when things don’t work out as you had planned.

What has helped you to make successful New Year’s Resolutions?